Harris is horrible for our countryI cant stand Biden…but I hope he lives the next four years cause the thought of her being president is scary as hell. Maya Angelou , no comparison To Kamala!. Monette Hernandez. I want 2 say good things and bad things about the now president and the president that will stay or the election one that will be in office by January. Each president has good points and bad points but remember they are also human beings and they do ge… . Where has Oprah been? I never saw her speak up to show any support for Biden/Harris.. Maya Angelou is watching from heaven and is proud.. She cackles like the witch she is. What a sad sad day for America to look to a woman like this for leadership.. Ms. Angelou would have been beside herself with joy. She would have been thrilled. Surfing And into the ocean i go to lose my mind poster

Surfing And into the ocean i go to lose my mind poster

Surfing And into the ocean i go to lose my mind poster- A4

Her own party knows she doesnt have experience to be vice president. Only picked because she is a woman of color. Discrimination at any other job. Pray Biden stays healthy.. kamala Harris is the worst thing that has happened to our country.. She’s fabulous represents so any women and Kamala Harris congratulations. I’d take Oprah over Harris any time. Harris didn’t get job because of ability, she got it by default. Biden cornered himself by saying he would choose a woman as running mate. Kobachar and Warren were just not likeable. That left Harris whose own state… . Kamala Harris is horrible. Look at her record and her history. I would support Oprah for VP but never Kamala.. Stephanie Hernandez. Do we care what Oprah says l don’t. but…those loved ones can see all that is happening. I’m sure Maya Angelou is smiling down. . Elizabeth Mierkiewicz. Oprah can you please shut up!!!!? Surfing And into the ocean i go to lose my mind poster

Surfing And into the ocean i go to lose my mind poster

Surfing And into the ocean i go to lose my mind poster- A3

Can’t wait l love you . Its about time she does another TV show. Lmao . Great. Anyone know the date?. When is this. Absolutely gorgeous. We love Dolly in Tennessee 5 million Christmas lights at Dollywood.. What day?. Great. What time?. Why? Trump is only in this for Trump! He’s a phony, bully, racist, narcissist, corrupt,etc. 4 more years ? OMG!—NO!!!. undefined. undefined. Imagine being Dolly Parton and how truly magical Christmas would feel every year so many glamorous trees and lights, all the food the Christmas movies she literally stars in all these amazing Christmas movies every year. To be Dolly Parton would be … . She is so talented and kind. Love to hear her voice. A national treasure.. Sounds like a Hokie 70s saccharine sweet Corn Fest. Just what I need. I’m in!. Hello Dolly! Goodbye Dolly!. I love Dolly for ever!!. Yeah. Yeah Dolly

Surfing And into the ocean i go to lose my mind poster- A2

Another under the desk job!. Sri Lanka produced the worlds 1st female PM good 60 years ago.So Harris means nothing to us.actually she is 60 years late.. The loverly Karmala Harris detained criminals past their sentences so her state had cheap labour.. My question to Oprah is all women? Or only liberal Democrat women? Because conservative women are coming for it as well.. We are going to accept it just like you DemonRats did for the last Four Years!. Harris a joke. She want to make prostitution legal and for abortion up to birth the evil these people are capable of is gut wrenching. Here’s a wild idea, instead of picking her origin apart give her a chance.. Lisa Arrington. This is coming from a women who makes her money from white privileged people her opinion matters NOT!. Wendi Winecoff Shutt. Women without character out not something to celebrate.. She did not earn this at all!!

Karen Faust Longmire
Omg! My daughter is going to be so excited. We’ll watch, record and sing for weeks! Dolly is her very favorite artist. She’s 11 and has written her 3 letters including her butterfly artwork.. The best Christmas video Ive seen was one she did several years back themed around WWII, a duet with one of her best music friends, Chris Christoferson I think it was.. Her movies are great!!! Love Dolly!!!. I miss variety shows. I was just saying the other day I wish Donny and Marie would give it another shot.. That’s fantastic-love Dolly Parton. Love Dolly. Her beauty is very DEEP and is so generously shared. Most Sincerely, JanAsh. Love Dolly. Looking forward to her show. . Sure do miss the Christmas specials like we had in good old days.. WHEN IS THIS COMING ON. LOVE DOLLY FOR YEARS.. GOOD.it’s been awhile since we’ve seen ANY musical Christmas specials….I miss those.

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