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You playin with em!!!! This just a EP wait till that album tho . This sounds like the album great stuff GOAT!. Best Album………Ofcourse After The Weekend After hours…. Deep pockets best song from the Mixtape . 422 san diego st oceanside help a brotha out. Drake keep up the good work life is priceless . If this album is pure heat and it’s just leaked tracks and tracks that were on the cutting room floor imagine what the actual album that is intended to come out this summer would be like . . Come on man another “mixtape” at full album price drop this shit for free it’s a mixtape.. I’m loving the album already, all I can say is “When to say when”.. Is that actually drake house on the music video of the first single. This album is pure fire. Sweet.. Can’t wait to grab it Sunflower Be kind to your mind poster

Sunflower Be kind to your mind poster

Sunflower Be kind to your mind poster 1

Yo tell Drake to make a song with the lyrics “ i can’t tell if you’re social distancing or distancing yourself from me socially” . It was good really liked Chicago freestyle bumping it on loud at my workouts tmrw night!!!!!!. Always move right so my watch is on the other hand . If anyone can read this. I have a 10 month old daughter and have no job due to covid. I’m running out of resources. If u can donate something it would be a blessing. $Reggie0296 God Bless.. I enjoy the beat to landed. It was something spicy. Which I enjoy while eating my hot cheetos. Lol. Mixtape basically for Drake realest fans…you can’t relate if you’re just a tourist Sunflower Be kind to your mind poster Since release I’ve explored every single thing about it And I can as usual acknowledge, Drake is the . All you deserve is respect, i respect this album drake,nice features all dope.

Sunflower Be kind to your mind poster

Sunflower Be kind to your mind poster 3

I can see U Drake featuring in my song. First three songs were good, really fell off after that. Tell your Ghost to straighten up his bars. Losses is everything tho ‘ . My daughter’s birthday is also in October. I got it but haven’t listen to it yet. I will let you know what I think?. Drake I don’t super hope u coming with all this new material even rocking with Chris sweet Chris brown awesome 2 of my favorite artist .lovely love ya as artists but in Love with one ? Who . If I have the opportunity I’ll kiss him in the mouth lol. But… See More. In his new song losses it makes me crack up that dude talks about others selling their soul yet always forgets to mention he did the same and got big by doing so . It’s just a teaser for the album everybody relax lol

Sunflower Be kind to your mind poster 2

Drake man I a big fan of yours but man the music you make now ain’t just on a level man. many people evolve with their music but yours just ain’t on that level like you’re just talking. people like Chris Brown evolved like huge. you can do better I kno… See More. I need a place to move into. U have anything here*in Manhattan? I like the 4bdrm ranch with the pool*:-). And I bought that girl a shovel ’cause she gold-diggin’ . Playboi Carti 0-2 this year…WTF was that?. Do i need to send you the location for my tour stop, or you know already!?!. Big up Drake, more grace I pray you brother, love your song so much, I hope one day I will see you. With love from Nigeria. Time flies.. hope it does to the sixth studio album. What the “HELL” was playboi carti thinkin!?

Thanks for giving A Reece the blueprint to make a better album …paradise 2.. Drake Pain 1993 why did you release that track with dat carti verse did you embarrass him on purpose. That was like a movie. Future ruined “Life’s Good”. Looks like New York*heading to the bronx*:-). Thank you for putting me first I really do love you !!. His daughter is graduating high school in two weeks as valedictorian, something that he was very proud of. Now, instead of celebrating her accomplishment and giving her valedictorian speech, she will be grieving the death of her father.
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Funeral costs Gastos funerarios for El Sr. Salgado organized by Iceyda Salgado. Vital and zodiac sign ft jessie reyez was not on the mixtape???? That wouldve made this project golden.. Drake “Time Flies” it is an enjoyable song!!! The album contains best tracks.. Do you know Heavenly Father lives and loves His children; that Jesus Christ lives, that He is the Son of God, and that He carried out the infinite Atonement; that Joseph Smith is the prophet of God who was called to restore the gospel; that The Church … See More

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