What happened to the daily Trump bashing and the Joe Biden posts that were barely there? I guess youre all regrouping, but you forget that once you post a lie, it’s your lie. Am I the only one who is trying to grasp what has happened here.. I have been asking for three days. Can CNN tell me whom I should contact if I know of a voter fraud case? Please tell me.. No longer shielded by presidential ‘cloak of immunity’, Trump could face litany of lawsuits on exit from White House,. Trumps Legacy will be 4 years of Diarrhea. And too shallow to concede. Does that make news than BobiWine becoming the president of Uganda? Any way it’s amusing. So the kid will be confused calling her which name ?grand mother or mother !!!!. Did he get to bang the mom ?. The democrats way of life. African proverb which nolonger exists in the urban areas Sugar Skull Girl be strong be brave be humble be badass poster

Sugar Skull Girl be strong be brave be humble be badass poster

Sugar Skull Girl be strong be brave be humble be badass poster- A4

God is angry because of the fraud and faking the presidential election results. Some extent it is his fault. It doesn’t do any good to deny climate change.. Some people who write on this site are pathetic…he lost….build a bridge and get over it.. Hurricanes last longer to douse trumps pants on fire. Trump lies so bad that rains have to come in to douse his pants on fire during his trip to the Tombs of Unknown Soldiers in Arlington National Cementery. This liar has a nerve to insult the Americ… . The hurricanes will go away after Donnie goes away…it’ll be like a miracle!. The Sierra Madre in the eastern portion of the Philippines usually weakens typhoons, but recently, that doesn’t help anymore. This typhoon now in the Philippines became even stronger after hitting land.. Climate Change? Can’t be… Donald Trump says there is no such thing!”. Science is wrong Trump knows everything!??? Sugar Skull Girl be strong be brave be humble be badass poster

Sugar Skull Girl be strong be brave be humble be badass poster

Sugar Skull Girl be strong be brave be humble be badass poster- A3

Stop with your LIES! Y’all are FINISHED! They CHEATED & have BEEN LYING TO EVERYONE! Wake up! They used the HAMMER & SCORECARD to SWITCH votes for TRUMP to votes for BIDEN! They’re SO done!!! Karma’s a b!tch!! FYI, BIDEN was never President elect! Main…
Newsmax.com – Breaking news from around the globe. Trump 2020. Haha. The real question did she cheat .. You are going to lose twice with a recount Donald.. I STAND BEHIND PRESIDENT TRUMP 100%!!! TRUMP 2020. Clearly no one has seen shameless here. It takes a village to raise a child . Not the govt.. CNN you need to do something bout Males pushing dating on women who comment on your posts this is harassment . Wrong you put your 50 year old moms body through that. Would though. Im super excited right now. I can now pay my bills and take good care of my family. Thank you for bringing happiness to my home. With just an investment of $300 I got $3000 in 5 day’s i’m now debt Free!!! Mr Charles
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Sugar Skull Girl be strong be brave be humble be badass poster- A2

Russians treated with the vaccine are growing ears on their necks. Not dieing but they sure can hear well.. There are little bits of Sputnik in every dose, so you know it really works.
Play GIF. It’s ok. If Dictator Trump supports Russia with this vaccine he will bring it over for his base. They believe anything and everything the Dictator says. back in the day Sputnik was a satellite. This generation has twisted alot of things.. Ill be sticking with Pfizer a world renowned company of scientists and labs known to defeat viruses. Their pockets weren’t padded just a proud company with respect and decency. Thank you to Pfizer from everyone working to save lives. I personally ap… . This vaccine seems hurried it’s like Nations want to proof superiority by rushing things up,lucky am not a lab rat.Sharing of data could benefit humanity it’s a win win if we find the vaccine together

None really help if country really has as many Chinese virus illnesses as are being reported. Flu season is here, too.. N95s need to be made widely available to everyone.. or, as Trumpsters call them, “The things surgeons have been wearing since 1861 for absolutely no reason.” . And in the meantime – EVERY SINGLE MINUTE, AN AMERICAN DIES FROM COVID-19!. I’d like to know where all the Biohazard containers are for all these dirty masks. That changes by the week.. CDC, what about OSHA? What do they say? (Before they were hushed). How a virus became politicized? Look at the base.. None. Its a cold, everyone will get it. There is no escape.. Condoms for Eric and Don Jr. Does anyone know where to buy polypropylene masks. Would like to order some if anyone knows a good place to buy them.. If they were butt shaped, they would fit your face perfectly.

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