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Is there a link to your letter?. My air conditioner unit has mold in it I have been breathing mold snd don’t have money to fix it .. could you help me?. Thank you so much for your amazing and generous work. . As one who worked on vms os which at and of 70’s which was adapted by Microsoft in 90’s I suggest you to invest in research how abdest (cleaning mouth,mouse,ayes,) with alcohol desinfect respirototies organs… Maybe apple should create less ewaste and plastic rubbish if they want to save the planet. Psyhos bill and melinda lunatics, you are great for jail.. Why are you all about saving lives now when you favor depopulation? Honest question.. Thank you for providing hope and resources God’s Blessings to you!. great read, informative and best of all it instills hope. Mario Falcutila. Do you know that those are the two most powerful words you’ll ever learn to say? “Yes, Lord” is the response of a disciple who in following Jesus must deny himself and take up his cross when it’s hard. She agrees to His terms, and in that moment, Jesus… See More Stick figure almost there poster

Stick figure almost there poster

True,there’s hope at the end of the tunnel!. HM Bowker. it is time to unite the world. Wars only bring hardship and misery. Education creates new opportunities to make this one world that belongs to all of us worth living again.. Thanks for all your good works in a world where women have been secondary. The work is slow but steady.. thank you for your tired lesson efforts. Yea, but the rich has gotten their vaccine, while the 65 and over is at 300,000 on the wait list.. Yes Me too Thanks for prioratising humanity over other selfish things . Thank you Gates Foundation for your great work. Helping to get the message out…thanks to Bill and Melinda Gates! Really appreciate the both of you!!!. Thank you for your hard work and service to humanity ! . The Gates believe in the science that the earth cannot replenish itself fast enough to sustain the population growth of the world for much longer and are actively seeking a remedy Stick figure almost there poster

Stick figure almost there poster

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