Stay wild gypsy child smart strong good beautiful poster


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Come on Thor – at least do ONE!. If I tried that I’d break something! Cool looking though . Avengers infinity war. Stay wild gypsy child smart strong good beautiful poster When Thor arrives at wakkanda.. I don’t know where this page is at. But yes I’m having a great day. Listening to my favorite music. My favorite people. Um, I just moved, so eventually I’ll send you some pics of my new place. Today and tomarrow I’m unpacking and organizing. Miss you l… See More. Be honest don’t really know you,!and I don’t love you probably the love moment was metaphorical, but me thinking this is a fan page, a bloody good one at that! If not good actor , and well done

Stay wild gypsy child smart strong good beautiful poster

Stay wild gypsy child smart strong good beautiful poster 1

One of my favorite actors. Wish I got Netflex because this looks sooo good. Anything Chris is in is good.. Why does the plot looks a bit like Hollywood version of “Banjrangi Bhaijaan”? . that looks amazing. for the first time im sad i do not have Netflix…. Will this be on Netflix NZ?. Wow! Just for the soundtrack makes you want to watch! Alt-J . I hope you hit someone with a hammer even if is a toy hammer. to look for it on Netflix … more film more films …. Looking forward to this!! Action just how i love!! Take care you and your family Stay wild gypsy child smart strong good beautiful poster Pause GIF. Kid: Who are you?. Yes, last night I did try to look up Extraction on Netflix. Look forward to seeing it soon. Good job mate. Just finished watching it, I enjoyed it, especially the suspenseful scenes and action and of course, your acting was great, well done! Loved the boy’s acting as well, cheers from Tassie!

Stay wild gypsy child smart strong good beautiful poster

Stay wild gypsy child smart strong good beautiful poster 3

Someday will do for my body and my back scraps.. Take off your shoes and try. Back lever . It’s really cool). There is something for you to work on.. I reckon you could do it…. I dare you to give it a go . Whatever you do Chris is magic . Plus Bobby’s a show off . Woah dudes — yeah i just put down my slice of Tavio. To be able to do that you really are Thor . Let’s see you try t-shirt challenge. That is most kind, if I think of anything, to say I will directly message you . This is just.. Crazy. Kinda like how south Africans feels right about now!. my favorite actor, I love it. Could you please just do that again Chris. Cool.!!!. Chris, sorry but.. HOW THE HELL?!. love the look on your face when you jumped down Chris

Stay wild gypsy child smart strong good beautiful poster 2

You are both amazing,any new moves for people like me with limited movement due to disability.Chris it makes my day seeing you on here.. Wait…Chris Hemsworth has a stunt double! impossible. If I do that I’d fall on my face in 2.5 nanoseconds flat . Wow impressive! I think I could dangle from the bars and that’s it lol. Haha planche. It’s pretty much all in the core. Give it another go Hemsworth. It’s fun. That looks like a very good way to break both your arms. No need to prove how strong you are. I hope you and those you love are happy and healthy. Thank you for all you do for others.. Wow! If I could do that, I’d show off too. You guys are both incredible . Is Chris really liking our statuses?! I’ve been dying for more interaction between him and his fans . Why bother!.. Just eat healthy, as my nan use to say it, will be grand, stick it in the wash!

Hey Chris bro, here’s an easy one I nominate you for the 25 push ups on 25 days, post it every day in awareness of PTSD for mens awareness and nominate all your buddies..cheers mate. You still look amazing Chris even if u can’t do it and bobby shows off x. i got a Toothache,,,all i want for xmas is my two front teeth..where are you Xmas???. Cool Chris disagreed with u if bobby shows off so what’s u doing x??. You guys are both amazing and incredible . My drawing for you Chris ! . Thank you for making more determined to reach my fitness goals. You are the best!. Wow. Just wow. X so strong. X. I wish I would. I would’ve landed neck first. w. My favorate idol thor. Yuo are perfect whiv Thor ‘s body . Hello from Latvia… . You know what Bobby……maybe pretend to be crap at a few things ok
…Challenge for Bobby….can you make scones

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