She is a socialist who would ruin our country and way of life.. well just like driving any jobs in her district she would do the same for the rest of the country she needs to go back to the bar. One day when the environment reaches the point of no return we will look back and understand that AOC wasnt a radical and that we should have listened.. You bet, we’re definitely not listening to the person in congress.. She must’ve not heard about Hunter and Joe’s situation then, lol. Oh geezus.. AOC, Get with the program, lol. A President that will be receptive means one that can be manipulated. Biden is a puppet to the left.. She uses activist” and “realistic” and “pragmatic” in the same description of people. I don’t think she actually knows what she is talking about.. CNN Politics, how many times are you guys going to go after Joe with this?? Do you want to hurt his chances?? You’ve beat it into the ground now, & then you bring on AOC to talk about it, with whom I couldn’t give a frig what she says, & she says she’l… Star Wars The Mandalorian christmas sweater and jumper

Star Wars The Mandalorian christmas sweater and jumper

Star Wars The Mandalorian christmas sweater and jumper- pic 1

All these years and hes the first black person appointed. And this is from a so called Christian church. I don’t think Jesus Christ would want his name affiliated with that. Where’s the love part.. It took how many years for African Americans to reach this level in their church?. When they build those ports and castles along the coastline of west africa they also built churches which passed hands from christian, protestant and whoever else s religion held control of em and 2 imagine that hundreds of years later the 1e ever of african descent is appointed cardinal. I have mixed emotions and dont see the celebration.. I would be very happy to see a ‘BLACK POPE’ heading the Catholic Church. Congratulations. He is awesome! Congrats . You’ve got to be kidding, it’s never been done before. Talk about backward thinking for too long.. You see, that’s the problem You still have to bring race into it. Who gives a hill of beans that he is black? What does black got to do with it? NOTHING Why couldn’t you just say The Pope appoints a new Cardinal and leave the black out of it. You do that and then you will start to see change in a Socialist America. Star Wars The Mandalorian christmas sweater and jumper

Star Wars The Mandalorian christmas sweater and jumper

Star Wars The Mandalorian christmas sweater- pic 2

What an election year will do. Gee! That only took a million years. It is about time!. Better late than never.. Cant help but side eye of them idc what race they are. Agnostic here but it took this long to appoint a black archbishop? Nevertheless congrats. What took so long????. Poland, Torun. Please for the love of God. Make all positions of power and influence women and minorities. Then when they screw up we can get back to work. This nonsense has to stop.. Loving this. Well its about time.. I love this Pope!. Very proud of him!. Congratulations. Congratulations. Praise God, may he share his blessings with all of us!. Yes and congratulations. I love this Pope!. This makes me happy!. Well done . Congratulations. So what we can do without religion !. Luv luv my Pope.. Awesome!. My wishes and good work. God bless him. Congratulations!. God bless

Star Wars The Mandalorian christmas sweater- pic 3

Good for you Catholic leader! . Pope Francis is just what The Vatican needed. God bless!. He did my conformation at st Teresa’s like 20yrs ago when he was bishop their.. Its so funny how even in religion, color is an issue. What a disgrace. I am a Catholic but these days the church has become more politics than faith. Who cares who is a bishop or a cardinal? Straighten the church out first and make them all monks.. Congratulations. First black, it s about time. I think this is wonderful and about time. I am a Catholic!. How white of the left give appoint the first American Black cardinal.. God works great wonders. At least he knows how to appreciate all races.. I’m feeling this watered-down socially liberal Pope. It’s a beginning.. Good why did it take sooo long. Just wondering. It’s a good move.. Congratulations Bishop Gregory. Well deserved. The Archdiocese of Washington is proud of you!!!

What’s the matter Lassie?. Yes, I am afraid of coronavirus.
But I am more afraid
. No Democrats can control me and what I own so I will vote for Trump. NO REAL NEWS TO REPORT? SHEEP.. Hope he keeps to his promises . Im voting for Trump.. and my black friends are voting for Trump. Trump does have a lot of black support, Hispanic support and Asian support. And has my support. I will not give up my guns that I bought with my own money, and I will not sit at home … . Keep voting for Dementia Biden to oppose four more years of George: https://youtu.be/9EMq42gdJQM. These CNN hacks are quite entertaining when their TDS is on full display. They’re not fit to breathe the same air as Tucker Carlson.. Joe Biden is a crook! Selling out America to China!. Biden will bring all the Chinese students back to our greatest Universities. During Biden and Obama 20% or more of the seats at our top universities were taken by Chinese Nationals here on visa. Many were spies, taking our intellectual property and de… See More

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