Ray Charles could have seen Mexico wasnt gone pay for that wall. Why do we give them any welfare. It seems to me its the government that is to blame for giving them the money to start with. If it wasn’t easy to get on welfare they would not be here.. Trump lost his trade war which we as tax payers picked up the slack at the grocery store. As far as immigration goes we set up internment camps that haven’t been seen in this country since WW2.. We turned away 1000s of deserving people who were running… . His followers are so dumb to entertain this clown. I just can’t with these people. NO different than Hitler’s followers.. Fact is we’ve spent billions for just a couple miles if wall. Where’s the money going? Sounds like the accounting of cash in Iraq! Bet the prez family getting some juice out of this! Just another crime al enterprise. Oh yeah a category 1 hurricane … See More Star wars the child baby yoda christmas sweater

Star wars the child baby yoda christmas sweater and jumper

Star wars the child baby yoda christmas sweater- pic 1

2.2 BILLION dollars taken from the Department of Defense to pay for the wall and the Senate wants to pay it back in their relief bill, but they dont want to help the taxpayers who are struggling.. Isn’t the wall what he shut the whole government down for? Then Republicans started a go fund me page for it. He also just fixed an existing 5 miles of the wall he did add any additional to the wall. When they say ‘funded by the US government’ you do know they mean US taxpayers.. Why does trump want to use military moneys to fund the wall? Can people be so forgetful he shut the government for the longest in history to fund the wall. The American taxpayer has paid for this crudely built, ineffective piece of wall that has done nothing to reduce crime but was just another failed publicity stunt. Money that could have helped thousands of starving, dying, out of work, displaced Americ… Star wars the child baby yoda christmas sweater

Star wars the child baby yoda christmas sweater and jumper

Star wars the child baby yoda christmas sweater- pic 2

Zero , taxpayers pay for defense funds being diverted, border patrol funds are TAXPAYERS money .. Maybe Mexico isn’t paying for the wall directly, but under USMCA, they’re paying indirectly.. It would be easier and less time consuming to list what he is telling the truth about. Reality check, Donald. DHS is paying for it; CBP is paying for it; the US military is paying for it; property owners are paying for it and it appears to clock in at about $10 million a mile, right?. Emails, Obamagate, the 50 foot wall; is this the 2016 campaign? He definitely doesnt have anything good to talk about.. And American taxpayers are paying for his tariff war too.. It is being funded by working taxpayers – THAT IS WHERE THE MONEY COMES FROM. CONGRESS DOESN’T CREATE THE MONEY!!!. It is a senseless disservice and an actual assault on dignity. Integrity what this lowlife never President keeps getting away by ranting unleashed to his gullible audiences
all the lies and distortions which he just says over and overnonstop…

Star wars the child baby yoda christmas sweater and jumper- pic 3

Make your own. Perfumes and chemicals are not good for you. And don’t ever flush wipes down the toliet. Use some common sense.. if it says FLUSHABLE, its a lie, unless it is actual toilet paper. ask any plumber that has had to pull 5 gallon buckets worth of flushable’ wipes and feminine products out of the sewer lines. and that shits not free (pun intended). Get a bidet they work betterthese type of wipes are flushable but DO NOT BREAK DOWN causing the pipes (infrastructure) to clog up. Then workers have to get down in them and clean the clog. Not a great job and dangerous. Also can end up causing sh*t … . I wouldn’t use any cottonelle products, including the TP. Always a problem.. They will find the same thing in all the hand sanitizer that they are making everyone use. You should not use these anyway..

I dont know why they are allowed to keep selling them and saying they are flushable when it’s not true.. I read there’s no such thing as flushable wipes.. If it looks like strawberry Nerds down there you can probably sue. . Baby wipes smell like poop to me because my mind associates them with cleaning up baby poop.. That’s why you should carry a pocket full of Hawthornes. Flushable wipes clog up drains and create massive problems in the sewer systems.. You are not supposed to reuse them!. lame stream media are experts in sabotaging people’s businesses . NO. Anyone can have a reaction. That stuff is toxic. Eat properly and you don’t need a wipe!. Men and women both use those. #bmxultragroup. Please do Not flush these wipes they are massive problems, clog your drains! The UK had massive problems with them! Dont believe the company with false sales pitch!

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