Biden wants to politicalize a pandemic in an election year. Biden nor Trump can be blamed for the virus.. 79% of Americans support developing alternative energy sources over expanding fossil fuels.. America has a chance to become the leader in renewable energy and make a fortune selling it to the rest of the world.. John avlon is a far left liberal . This isn’t the worst death total!? Look at heart disease and cancer and other things that kill more then the covid! Star Trek Beam Me Up Santa christmas sweater and jumper What Trump is saying is that 200,000 deaths compared to the projected 2.2 million is successful! You guys say hood over fear yet all yo… As per your request, Joe. Joe Biden keeps using the term Dark Winter”.Why dont you Google it’s definition.What do Joe and the Democrats know that we don’t ? Pretty strange.. How many died at the hands of Democrat governors filling up nursing homes with infected people while a hospital ship lie of the coast of New York and didnt get used?

Star Trek Beam Me Up Santa christmas sweater

Star Trek Beam Me Up Santa christmas sweater- pic 1

FACT CHECK THIS! Star Trek Beam Me Up Santa christmas sweater and jumper From emails revealing that millions were privately paid by foreign countries in order to avoid sanctions by the U.S. to billion dollar deals with China, it’s safe to say this is outlining the largest corruption case in the history of o… INSIDESCOOPPOLITICS.COM The Biden Videos, Photos, and Files Take a Sick, Dark Turn – Inside Scoop Politics. But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.. Who would have known that none of these people would have died if the Democrats were in power? They should share their vast knowledge with every country in the world.. All this station does is make up lies like Biden. How can you still be on the air.!. Its they way he swings his body when you know he is not telling the truth. The man can not stay still.

Star Trek Beam Me Up Santa christmas sweater

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I find it interesting that when Biden was asked about his plan to combat COVID he listed out all the things that the Trump Administration is ALREADY DOING!!!!!!!! Well, he did mention one thing that Trump isnt doing: extended lockdowns with no end. D… . Biden has a plan and program for the country..Trump has nothing but blah blah..we need to create jobs. Get healthcare. Build infrastructure. Protect the environment..Trump has done nothing in these areas in 4 years..no healthcare plan..no infrastructur… See More. You gonna fact check biden on Fracking? On the money his family recieved from foreign countries?. The CDC numbers stated of overall deaths recorded, only 6% were directly COVID-19 related. Funny, how liberals after the fact state they could of fought that war, with ZERO CASUALTIES. Leave the grown up task to the grown ups. Go riot somewhere, pr… See More. “AnD bY The wAY All YOU tEAChers OuT tHerE, nOT ThaT maNy of YOu ArE gOIng To DIe, So DOnt woRRy AbOUt iT”..you guys on here pushing for the dumbest politician possible smh

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Slow Joe trying to be folksy for the cameras. He has played that game his entire career.. Did you notice that TRUMP still doesn’t have a health care plan his words we are going to come up with one and he keeps on saying that he’s going to have one in a few weeks in a few weeks it’s been years. The fact that Americans had to look up these words is very sad.. Joe was destroyed by simple question. Why didn’t you do it when you were vice President for 8 years?’. That’s pretty embarrassing that people had to look those words up.. You never have to look up Trumps words because he doesn’t know any beyond bad, good, beautiful, and greatest” One of the reasons his supporters love him so. He speaks like they do.. What should matter most is how Mitch put off the vote for the stimulus package so that the GOP can vote in the new Justice! As long as the Dems take the senate, it won’t matter if Trump gets re-elected! The power has always been the senate while the PO…

Who built the cages Joe???. Come on Man! What kind of F-ing malarkey are you trying to pull on the U.S., Donald?. Theres no way Trump said wherewithal”. He had to look it up, too.. If you have to look up malarkey I feel sorry for you. Trump hasn’t had a plan in 4years except to steal everything he can. Perhaps the CNN writers could look up some words, like integrity, honesty, fairness and of course: ethics.. How do adults not know the meanings of these words? . Joe got caught lying about all the corrupt money he took while in office, he is done, bye… Trump talked a lot without substance. Mostly false accusations prior to the election. Biden spoke with plans and definition to the words he spoke for the people. All people. Democrats and Republicans. Words to unite and not to divide as Trump does…

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