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Top FanPatty Grofer BruenemanThat is the best photo I have ever seen of him!30 . Top FanBessie HinsonI believe that if he was living today, that he would be ashamed of some of the events in our America. Thank you Dr. King for standing up for what you believed in and being nonviolent!!116 . Deb ScottSome of us honor Dr King. Some of us believe that the content of one’s character is more important than the color of one’s skin. God help America. 177 . Jeannie M D’ArcyThank you President Trump and thank you Ivanka for leading the way for women business initiatives, raising families from poverty and the essential food programs you initiated. God Bless Martin Luther King.260 . Michael W KelleyWe all love you and your family but most of all, we LOVE our President and he just has to be victorious over all this evil in our Country and let those that are guilty pay for all of their evil deeds!129  Social Worker Your Life Is Worth My Time Poster

Social Worker Your Life Is Worth My Time Poster

Symeon Onipede. Such a great accomplishment despite the resistance. You and your family have done so much for our country. Your father is the best president America has ever had and his legacy will be shared to our descendants. No wonder the ruling class hates his gu… See More. I hope you stay in politics. You could bring back the decency in government.. So sorry for the evil and rude remarks from awful people.. you and your family are loved by millions!!. Over 80 million Americans are in love with your family and look forward to many more years of your leadership and contributions.. Best First Family ever!! Thank you!!. Thank you. You are a beautiful, brilliant, confident woman. One all girls should look for as a role model.. Thank you for all the really great things you and POTUS have done for America.. Real America knows how hard you all worked! Never got any credit from the corrupt media. Social Worker Your Life Is Worth My Time Poster

Social Worker Your Life Is Worth My Time Poster

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