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I feel like I’m unable to hear compliments…it’s just a strange thing to have this feeling . I’ve gotten too much criticism in my life, I need more compliments.. Unable to hear compliments, I get uncomfortable and find them hard to accept. Sometimes “compliments”are really criticism. Criticism probably depending what I did. Neither sit well initially, but both are important to heed.. Hmm…good question. I’d like to be unable to hear criticism. Constructive criticism is good. Compliments has their place as well . Unable to hear criticism, maybe? I say this because I’m usually able to criticize myself (thanks to anxiety) plus, TECHNICALLY, people could still write the criticism in a strongly worded email lol. compliments. criticism is important in many factors of life.. Compliments make me uncomfortable and I’m used to criticism, so l choose the devil I know.. I already know how bad I am, I don’t need to hear the criticism Sloth Always Stay Humble And Kind Bedding Set

Sloth Always Stay Humble And Kind Bedding Set

Sloth Always Stay Humble And Kind Bedding Set 3

And just as her memory she disappears in front of his eyes!! Little more than 5 words . Beauty faded, her soul remained. Women’s ethereal beauty is fleeting…. Sumptuous food, starry lights, amazing ambience, and the night and the forests that lie ahead… to go or not to go, young lady, the beauty fading out slowly…. She looks on to the beautiful sea, as she slowly melts away where she stands, always remaining, THE LADY OF THE SEA.. But are we all sure she’s disappearing? She could just as well be materialising out of thin air . High heels aren’t for hiking. **she thought to herself as she became a damsel in distress**. Yo Joey. YOUR LINK DOESN’T WORK. I’m not yelling, I want him to see this. It keeps asking me to type the body of the story in red bold letters after I already wrote my story and I can’t press Continue. Your link prompt is drunk. Sloth Always Stay Humble And Kind Bedding Set

Sloth Always Stay Humble And Kind Bedding Set

Sloth Always Stay Humble And Kind Bedding Set 2

she vanishes in thin air …. The time traveller slowly disappeared.. Smelt it and dealt it.. Releasing her demons, She Won!. It was thanos snapping her.. You see disappearance: body remains.. Out of mists she emerged.. And then, she was free. In that moment, she changed.. The butterfly effect caught up.. It seems that Thanos won… Disappearing? I say she’s manifesting.. And then He called her home… Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.. Stilettos are for any occaision.. Smoke Releases A Woman’s Fire. No storm can destroy her.
She bravely defeats her demons.. Then Thanos snapped his fingers . Coalescing, she steps out again.. Was it all a dream?. Life is but a dream…. In forgiveness, she found release.. Keri Walski. Winter moonlight, and damsel in the wild wooded lands, she must be waiting for a mate to come.. “Few interesting things in here,” he said after taking this shot. She is becoming from nothing (looking at it in reverse…)

Sloth Always Stay Humble And Kind Bedding Set 1

Of course I missed this since I’m always on the subway and all . Love it! And you’re much more handsome than Pee-wee Herman. . “You look like Pee Wee Herman a little bit”…. That was awesome. Your very handsome. Not at all like peewee Herman.. I would have loved to see that. Cutie pie! I want to feed you like a mom. This looked like you were having a blast! Pure joy. Awesome! Little special surprise there at the end . I love this one! It pops up on my memories sometimes. Thank you. That is soo hot! Totally diggin the drums and your talent!. That was the best. I’ve played this over and over throughout the last 4 years. I only wish you had played longer. Awesome Joseph.. I would have called in sick, sat down and just chilled for as long as you played… probably would have ordered a few pizzas. Actually would have ordered a few Gatsby’s since I’m from Cape Town, South Africa.

I did this with the music teacher for my school. Im the one on uke

Esta Bien — Tunes with Mr. Tanner featuring Ms. Helmick and Ms. Dalpez. You’re such a kind soul Joseph! Thank you for the encouragement, inclusion and for making each day a little brighter.. I’ve been a drummer since eighth grade middle school. Never lose your talent!. I love the “you look like peewee herman a little bit”. I immediately saw this in classic b&w. I did not know Paul Reubens was such a good drummer.. wow! rhythm is in your blood. . Kenneth Bohn. This a deleted scene from the movie – Inception. I still remember the night you sang at Sayers in Hollywood many, many years ago!. Is there anything you can’t do? That is awesome, btw.. Interesting, the psychology of performers. Cant make movies so out into the most public place possible.. Actor, musician, dancer.. and sexy to boot!

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