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Why are y’all hating on Dixie lmao, She’s talented. If y’all have nothing good to say then shut up,,???? Liam literally said “Give her a warm welcome” smh. Bri Barile Skull your butt napkins my lord poster don’t make another song w her ever again. I haven’t heard Dixie’s voice but I think she’s a great singer btw love you Liam!!. dixie just casually hangs out with the member of the biggest boy band. Is it tomorrow Friday or next Friday??. All this because charlie could do renegade?. Fact: everyone tried to see her nipple. why not noah?. Why? Dixie when her sister Charlie d’melio is more popular than Dixie why?. girl I- I love you Liam but Dixie?. Liam doesn’t deserve the hate he is getting for this song. Just respect his decision. TPWK.. I love you so much, I look forward to your new music ️. The truth already wanted another song of yours, I love you very much

Skull your butt napkins my lord poster

Skull your butt napkins my lord poster 3

Liam, I am very proud of you. You have a really CHINGONA voice. We will stream. We are here to support you.. You’re the best Liam and no matter who you collaborate with because your real fans are going to support you with everything, I know this song is going to be beautiful Skull your butt napkins my lord poster te amo :’3. Can we please get over 1D for a sec? It’ll happen when it happens. I’m so happy for Dixie, and the song sounds amazing . You made the right decision by having a collab with Dixie and btw I love your new song I love you and I’m so proud of you Liam Payne. You do realize that Liam saw the hate videos about this. He EVEN HAD TO EXPLAIN himself on we he chose her. Like leave them be. It’s his job not yours. He’s happy with it. She did a duo on Tik Tok baby, it wasn’t a detective job

Skull your butt napkins my lord poster

Skull your butt napkins my lord poster 2

Rare photo of liam representing the whole fandom. its going to be amazing, my love!. Nusa Shaheen
I’m really proud
i really liked the song so much, and dixie was amazing tho! I really love the song . I am very proud of you Liam and of everything you have done for us, I love you so much, you deserve all the best in the world. . So Proud of you babe!!! Ready for Stream tomorrow. you deserve the best Liam, your fans will always be there for you, we love you so much . Can’t wait, bae . Oh I can’t wait!! You are going to do amazing!!. I’m not ready for this Liam Payne. My love for you is greater than the stars . I whis me from Liam Payne this pics from the Herat whit Maya Payne. . Liam I love you too much will always make us feel very proud

Skull your butt napkins my lord poster 1

Why some saying that Liam Payne should collaborate to a great singer than Dixie, bruh the girl can showcase her talent and since she was new to this, let Dixie explore another culture of music , and it’s the insecurities for me. dixie is so lucky asf, been a directioner for a long time and still waiting for u to notice me… :((. Liam is so pretty . We’re so good detectives, and we love You so much, and i can’t wait to hear it, i’m sure that your christmas song is beautiful just the way You are, drink water babe, WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH, DON’T FORGET IT . proud of you liam. thank u for always have a smile for us. I’m so happy that u featuring with Dixie she’s so talented,good luck guys . I’m so proud of you, I love you liam, though I can’t reach you but I’m still wishing the best for you

I love u but Dixie ruined the surprise 100% . Wow..some people need to go back to elementary school..didn’t your moms or teachers teach you if you can’t say something nice…then don’t say anything at like Thumper guys
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Tenor. It should’ve been Niall your guys voice sounds so good together. How big are you mijo, your friend is very cool, let’s see when you come to have coffee, greetings to your mommy
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Tenor. Sorry I just didn’t even like her a little, maybe I’m the only who won’t listen to this up coming song. Sorry Liam! I do love you so much and always listen to your every songs you made but this time definitely I could not.. So happy for Liam! I like Dixie’s song Be Happy, so I’m really excited for this song!!. What time are you going to get your song out? Or do you want us not to sleep? Don’t worry if you say don’t sleep I do

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