Tim Cochrane. The new gold rush! Theres gold in them thar forced vaccinated veins!. It may be wonderful news but even so, my first response was ‘please, please Jonathan Van Tam, drop the dreadful analogies now. How are we supposed to take you seriously?’. Depends how much money the pharmaceutical companies need to generate quickly.. Well there’s about 7 Coronaviruses and Covid 19 is just one of them, so we should’ve already had about 6 vaccine’s but i guess the money is in the medication. Everyone is so concerned about side effects but I can guarantee that they have taken over the counter medications like paracetamol, ibuprofen and phenylephrine – along with things like antibiotics for infections.. Moderna’s makes more sense! There us too much risk temperature wise with the other one!. How can there been multiple vaccines for one virus . Well hopefully, not much use only having one person with it Skull Steelers 3d hoodie

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Ive had a positive test result back from my immune system.. cheers.. George Anastasiades. 2021 is all about vaccines Business year . Paul J. K. Watson. At this point I’ll take a vaccine from each of them. I want this over!!!. Keep them. No vaccines for my house. We don’t have a vaccine for the common cold (a corona virus) after several centuries, yet a viable vaccine for a novel corona virus is developed in under a year ? Documented reinfection is undisputed as well as mutated strains. This seemingly magical s… . Alistair Gillanders. I dont care how many vaccines there will be, I hope that those who want to get vaccinated will do so as quickly as poss so that this whole nightmare will come to an end finally. Staged picture I think – we use orange needles for vaccinations and into the deltoid muscle top of arm – certainly not where he is putting it! Skull Steelers 3d hoodie

Skull Steelers 3d hoodie

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Apparently the Pfizer covid vaccination offers 90% protection. That’s approaching the survival level without it.. Even if youre not conspiracy theory minded, something deep in your soul has to be telling you that something isn’t right with any of this!. Covid isn’t going anywhere so will it be a yearly vaccine. A one off. Will we continue to social distance?? Someone is going to be very rich in 2021!. Why don’t you take your vaccines and the news about it and put them where the sun doesn’t shine.. Nareen Ramchand. Don’t get me wrong. In my point of view, I assume that these great news were released on purpose after the us president had been elected.. Don’t get your Hope’s up every one is different a vaccine we only work 1 in10 .just like AiDS Cancer etc. What a coincidence another vaccine in a week. Its incredible . Jordan McCoy Do you think the vaccine has a side effect in developing looks like that? If so, please bring it to the UK ASAP, Stevo needs healthy eyes!

Therell be about 5 or 6 eventually. Take them all at least twice a year just to be on the safe side. . When they get the call will people be told which covid-vax they have?. I find it interesting that people would happily put money into billionaire’s pockets to buy some useless piece of overpriced fashion junk just so they can get that warm fuzzy glow of social acceptance without pointing out the greed of the man/woman who… . Itv news just said that moderna still have to release the information on how safe the vaccine is!!! . A vaccine for everyone for a virus that most won’t even know they’ve got..jeez….look up rushed vaccines….the Swine Flu caused brain damage Pfizer had to pay out $90M damages. This vax won’t even insure so no damages . There was another rushed p… See More. Nothing is certain as yet. There’s a lot of people getting exposed to Covid and not testing positive whatsoever. So how sure are they that the vaccine is not being tested against people of that sort? It will take about 5 years or more for the world to … See More

So we’re told the virus mutates, so it’s obvious one vaccine is not going to cut it. They can’t get the flu vaccine right for the same reason.. The place where he is giving vaccine wrong place.. Lets make a company and say we made vaccines for 96.5 percent then we get our stokes very high,we sell the stocks. How to be a millionaire in 2 days. Have fun having your covid jab which took less than 6 months to develop when the flu jab took several years to develop, and its 95% effective Fantastic! Even though the flu jab is like 50% effective despite the fact that flu has been around since be… . Rivaldo Mario. Yes a lot, in Brazil they’re testing the worst of them all, the Chinese made.. Funny how millions of cases and thousands of people dying of a previously unknown virus focuses the mind….

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