Skull mandala stainless steel tumbler


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I almost freaked out.!. directioners as a halloween costume is not bad at all. Tom Felton and Liam Payne in one place?? Iconic. I don’t have money. Your costume reminds me of a Tim Burton Movie Though. . REPRESENTING THE WHOLE FANDOM. Thank you so much for this idea! Love Tom Felton. And although I confess I am a newcomer in what concerns Liam Payne, I will be following more closely now . Marilyn Rojas Vasquez. I was fascinated with your directioner costume, I love everything you do, good luck. You can never scare me even with this makeup u’re still beautiful . Angel-Louise Haycock. Happy clowning . Aly Nicole. Do you have any doubt?. How i’m going to jump with you so georgeusssssss? . You look amazing Liam!!. Theô Nettlefôrd. yes…i did jump but is it weird i found it a bit cute too…i mean… Is it a clue about One Direction? because it’s our costume… Skull mandala stainless steel tumbler

Skull mandala stainless steel tumbler

Skull mandala stainless stell tumbler 2

this will be really amazing i will be waiting for it, i love you . Hannah Eckman Skull mandala stainless steel tumbler I can’t wait you will do great @ Liam Payne and you deserve all the support and you look so amazing and happy Halloween . Can’t wait!! it’s gonna be incredible. I am in LOVE with Pirates of the Caribbean and would LOVE to attend, but unfortunately, I have work during the performance! Will there be another second viewing, because I would love to still support you!. Love the pirate costume Liam You look like Jack Sparrow . Ithica Silsbury Menear. Zuzana Kohútova. I’m so exited and i know it’s going to be Amazing. One more week! I can’t wait . Urmila Eva. I just got my ticket and i’m . I think we’ve found the next person who can pull off being Jack sparrow and will be just as good as Johnny Depp

Skull mandala stainless steel tumbler

Skull mandala stainless stell tumbler 1

I wish I could watch it
i don’t have any money but I know that show will be amazing!. You look amazing Liam!! but I don’t have money to Pay for it haha it’s very sad . Love you . You represent the whole fandom. Happy clowning . He really love directioners, he even dressed up like us!. When will you come to Mozambique ?. Abygail Saavedra
We love you, Liam. . Love you Liam but thank you for dressing up as a clown that reminds of the whole fandom right now yet WHY DO YOU HAVE TO SCARE ME LIKE THAT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT . Hannah Eckman
happy Halloween
@ Liam Payne and you are amazing and perfect . Even with the make up you’re too cute to be scary. Can’t wait for the 31st! Clowns scare me so I did jump! No matter what you are still cute!!

Rebecca Bullard. How many hidden talents u have liam? This one is stunning tbh. why liam is so talented?. Is there anything you are not good at, liam?
I love You. why are you so talented?. such a talented one….you and Zayn can draw also can sing can wrote a song and can rap.hmm by the way what else you cant do?anyway?. Omg SKETCHBOOK LIAM IS BACK!. Getting ready for the return of 1D. Liam the singer? More like liam the artist give it a resttttt. It’s fantastic I think my Auntie might have been one of your Art teachers at secondary school !!. are you excited my payno?. There is nothing that Liam can’t do except eat with a spoon. is there something you don’t do right?. liam draw me as one of your french girls. Can’t believe, spent a whole year at home. Tw lite ylk payne payne lyy

Garry Bolsworth. I love you, since here till one direction’s comeback . waiting you rewatch the lp show act 2 with you, love you . I’m wating for you. Liam Payne is the best.
. I love you so much. I never forget you. . don’t have any tickets but still supporting you. Love to be in sandwich with him yum. Lads Smith. Fish and chips . I’m so so so ready for it! I mean I watched the birthday bash, but come on you’ll never get tired of it!. I got tickets last time and I didn’t even get to watch . I won’t be able to watch the LP2 show and be with u but I wish u the besttttt. Natasha Colbert
I don’t have tickets Liam I am broke . Kailynn Gibson. Ithica Silsbury Menear. I dont have tickets . Jamie N Tony Maddix
I enjoyed it the first time around even though it started late. But it was so kind of you to wait until everybody with a ticket could stream the show before starting it!

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