Skiing be strong when you are weak poster



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As if we didn’t know the lyrics to begin with . i’d rather be singing along at a reunion concert. i miss y’all so so much. Skiing be strong when you are weak poster but like, give us the infinty mv. I love this song my favorite best of one direction love guys. This song is the pheromon which once engulfed me to One Direction Love these boys!!My first ever crush!! . best song direction. I’m still hoping there’s a surprise zoom with the boys, even if it’s only 4 of them, on the last day of the celeb and not just another throwback vid of them . Guysss we desperately want a reunion..but either way we will love you guys ….well we all just cant wait for the day when yourll say that yourll are coming back ..cause we really miss you guys as a band …But i love you One direction. I would celebrate it with the infinity video, but don’t upload it

Skiing be strong when you are weak poster

Skiing be strong be brave be humble be badass poster 3

Stop asking where is Zayn?. only if yous promise to come back. I love them just like the first day, 9 years ago I met them, and 10 years since the best band in the world was created. This pic is not perfect because Zain is Missing . One Direction without Zayn ? . I love you so much,thank you for all the happinnes you gave me these last years!!I care so much for each of you guys,you are forever in my heart!!. Good morning my name is Kenya Alfonzo and I am from Venezuela I wanted to inform you that who wants to be in a group of Latino Directioners??. Where is zain?. Where is the leading man ??. Where is the promiseee?. Without Zayn in the picture it’s not 100% officially one direction. have you been hacked? why the tagged people?. Where is Zayn?. Don’t mess with my freaking emotions right now. Are they getting back together, since Zayn is the one taking the picture and all. Skiing be strong when you are weak poster

Skiing be strong when you are weak poster

Skiing be strong be brave be humble be badass poster 2

Its my Birthday today and 1D are 10 years already together what a Gifttt . Is this the big announcement? I’m disappointed. One Direction should reunite I loved their music. Please come back one Direction. i don’t have to to search it. it is always in my playlist. Happy 10 years, love you guys, x . One direction really needs to reunite. It feels like I’m back when I was 8 yrs old. Back 8 years ago. When I first heard and listened to your musics 1D. Thankyou for those memorable days. 10 years had passed and here we are. ♡ hoping for Zayn to comeback.♡. They said 18 months but took 5 years.
But in deep ,we directioners can wait till the death.. I want One Direction back. Thanks guys for returning my smile, they will always be my 5 guys of the stairs, who for no reason knew how to dance, and they always had an amazing time.

Skiing be strong be brave be humble be badass poster 1

Aside from the fact that this band has inspired me to compose poetries, this has taught me that in life, we meet people and call them “home”. Home doesn’t mean having the same blood.
We’ll always love you. . when louis tomlinson said” This is not the end”.. from 5 individuals to one extraordinary
boyband. Thank you One Direction for making my life happier and more magical. Really, the years with you were the best! I love you boys, and happy 10th birthday! . We’ve been blasting our favorites all morning and are in the best mood. Thanks for letting us celebrate and happy 10 years. . 10 years had passed and you had been still the same as what I knew before. Those smiles,voice and even your visuals and talents. Started from the bottom and now we’re here.♡ Zayn Malikkk arattt kambakkk!!!. Only saw Niall live at the New York State fair in Syracuse. I started listening to one direction when I was about 15 years old and I still love them and support them individually:) and I love their album made in the am and midnight memories.

thankyou one directionerS. We miss you all ! . Liam – tweeted
Louis – tweeted. by the way totropahin. Made in the AM tour soon pleasee. Wake up!.. Even million times you say it to them that they will Comeback… Its never gonna Happen… Until it Decades… I hope they will comeback again . 5/5 COMEBACK REUNION!!! . HOOOOOOOY 1D COMEEEEBACK NAAAAA GRRRR HUHU . reunion?? hello??. ZAYN AND HARRY WHERE NAAAA. INFINITY MUSIC VIDEO. I miss you guys so much
! I can’t wait for your return this 11 pm. Hopelly with Zayn . Happy 10 years both of u
..wheres Harry style . NAOL MAY LOAD. Yes its been 10 years. Waiting till 11. Don’t be shy. Come backkk!. Nice to meet yah whats yo name??. Iloveyouuu so muchhhh! Comebackkk na plssss. WHERE ZAYN AT. New album pleaseee. ONE DIRECTIONERS AMP. ‘Cause the truth is out, I realize that without you here life is just a lie This is not the end This is not the end We can make it, you know it, you know

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