Sidecar growing old is mandatory growing up is optional canvas prints


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My favourite Prez and couple, much love and respect,. I’m currently deployed but I will be home (FL) in time to vote IN PERSON!! Also preordered your new book…can’t wait to read it. Wishing you, Michelle and your beautiful family continued blessings. . Trump is doing extremely fine. Since Trumps inception as US president, America has been on its way to recovery.. I am Definitely Voting for Joe and Kamala and Praying that all goes well at these Scary times.I sure miss the both of you…Stay Safe!!!!. Can I a non American, please vote. My husband and I was going to vote by mail, but we keep getting letters saying something was wrong or not filled out. We feel very sceptical about it now, so we’re going to show up at our voting poll with our masks. Our voices will be heard!! #TeamBide… See More. I still remember your voice and speech on president election coating “Yes we can “ Sidecar growing old is mandatory growing up is optional canvas prints

Sidecar growing old is mandatory growing up is optional canvas prints

Sidecar growing old is mandatory growing up is optional canvas prints 2

In the Netherlands so not able to text, but sending you and all Americans my love and prayers . I’m in Australia and we are hoping Trump gets dumped.. Come and be prime minister in the UK. Hopefully there’ll be a vacancy soon.. Voting blue from now on in my Kentucky family!. Definitely “They” CAN’T be like you. You are a special specie. One in a million. GOD sent.. How do we love you two? Let us count the ways! It would take days, so just take my word for it.. Voting from outside the US. Cambodia to be exact. I’m busy building schools and providing opportunities through education! Trying to represent what I know my country really stands for… compassion and service. . Sorry, Bary, I’m Canadian, but you and Michelle are still two of my favourite people.. Missing you and your beautiful family so much! I’m with Joe and Kamala 100%! Sidecar growing old is mandatory growing up is optional canvas prints

AMAZING – Sidecar growing old is mandatory growing up is optional canvas prints

Sidecar growing old is mandatory growing up is optional canvas prints 3

Thank you, Mr. President! You make it so clear how important local elections can be! Vote blue! Let’s return our country back to the democratic principles upon which it was founded!. I miss you so much President Obama! . Herschel Walker just reminded everyone that as president you did absolutely nothing to help racial issues. He’s right.. The background music gives me chills! Love you Mr President. Def voting for Joe and Kamala. Mr. Barack , you and your family are fantastic!!! Thank you for your service and great efforts to. Now is a good time to remember “Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”. Put things back too normal back the way they used to be please Mrs. president.. Wanted you to be the next #SCOTUS but that’s all up in the air now.. Lets be real, this dude was a HUGE failure.

I’m not in the United States and actually quite happy about that right now. I am supposed to receive my email vote in tomorrow. I am hoping that all works out. I live in Bangkok and I was in Jakarta earlier this year. I went to your elementary school. … See More. I miss you both so much! You gave us eight years of class and integrity while facing unprecedented opposition. Thank you so much!. Just yesterday driving to New Mexico I listened to Michelle podcast with you..i so miss you both and hope our next president is not the one we have now… This is adorable because I feel like Michelle is showing you how to text the girls. . I’m not in the states Im In Ausralia but keep going we need to stop this lunacy somehow. Hanging in there, hoping for return to intelligence in the WH come Nov 3. Voting by mail, you can deduce for whom. Please stay involved

I’m Canadian. I hope people register and vote in your Presidential Election. I have always voted in our local and National Elections here in the UK, as its important …. God Bless Mr President. There are still people of sound mind and common sense as well as decency and integrity. Much like you. Thank you for your voice. We need it now.. Mr. President Obama, we (family) have our plan. We’re waiting to receive our ballots so we can vote BLUE all the way and drop them off at the Board of Registrar’s Office. Thank you, Sir. Blessings!!!. PRESIDENT Obama deserves another term…he was fought and blocked on everything but they are letting Trump literally get away with murder!!!! If only it were possible!!! May God have mercy on this country if Trump gets reelected!!!. You are so right Mr. President! But, all over the world we are facing a crisis of real leaders nowadays! No morals to lead their conduct, just demagogy and manipulation.

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