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In the whole of Tunguese, many parts of the earth and houses vibrated for the next few days. Sewing in the sewing room poster. Many residents in Vnavara town were hit by heat waves, crops and trees were destroyed in a moment. Just below the explosion, there was a herd of reindeer coming, and after the explosion no one survived.

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That explosion caused very strong seismic waves. Up to 893 km from the center of the explosion, in the city of Kazakhstan, 45 minutes after the explosion occurred, the seismic wave still recorded. The transmission speed reaches 330 meters / gy. Sewing in the sewing room poster.  The shockwave of the explosion spread all the way to Central Europe. The Potxodam seismic monitoring stations of Germany and Cambridge of England, the automatic devices there recorded the Earth’s condition subjected to very strong shocks, even to Java Island in Indonesia and on the other side of the Earth, at The US capital, Washington, also recorded similar shocks.

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After the big explosion occurred, all parts of the world reacted naturally. Sewing in the sewing room poster. In London, all the electric lights suddenly went out, the people were engulfed in dense darkness. In Stockhom, many people take their cameras out to capture the strange night scenery. In the Netherlands it is at night, but with a white light as day. And Americans who stayed at night felt the earth shake.

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