Correct vaccine trial methodology must include multiple challenge trials.. They should be required to have counseling before they volunteer.. Sure, as long as no resources are used to care for them if they get sick.. They are signing up to be the vaccine test subjects. Stop fear mongering.. Catching it will not solve anything there is doctors in Texas that have seen patients multiple times after months being exposed more than one time and coming down with the virus multiple times this year its not like you get it in your done it will com… . Well that would’ve been useful if getting it one time means you won’t get it again. But the body won’t be immunized from it even after recovering.. For those who don’t read, this is an article about vaccine volunteers. Thank you to those who are willing to sacrifice their own health to help develop a vaccine. School bus crocs crocband shoes

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America has lost what we are and stand for. America has become every hard to even live in anymore with the worry about what is going to be the next group out there we will have to bring into the center of the light.. This is what the day should be, we were never really taught in school the brutality and cruelty the native Americans faced. Look now are there any near you? Where did they go? Out to reservations, or prisons, I am just so tired of the white privilege, … . Columbus was a man who wrote only Spanish in over 539 documents in his lifetime – not once in Italian – even to his family members. Hes buried in Spain, was probably Castilian. Come on, find a true Italian to honor. Long overdue.. well then maybe we should all find a new place not inhabited by anyone and move there since every one of our forefathers apparently were wrong. just chuck it all School bus crocs crocband shoes

School bus crocs crocband shoes

Impeached presidents should not appoint anyone to any branch of government, especially unqualified appointees. Amazing that North and South Dakota have 0.4% of the US population yet have 4% equity in hiring ANY Supreme Court justice.. Sheer power grab, with zero sense of fairness or decency, & shameless mental gymnastics to justify their actions, while claiming the sanctity of the unborn life but with utter disregard for the born, the poor, the sick & oppressed lives. This is beyond… . They can not pass a stimulus for the American people they have NO business having hearings for this!. I feel so bad for her, the evil people are after her! God help her to have strength for the made up accusations!. The real reason for getting her approved by the election day is so when Trump loses he will fight saying it was fraud and have the Supreme Court decision to make him President.

Shes a freaking handmaid. She doesn’t deserve a spot. They need to respect RBG wishes and wait until after the election regardless of who wins. Our elected GOP is no longer honorable – 1 set of rules when they ‘control’ the WH/Senate & another when they don’t. This will be my 1st year (ever) that I’ll pull a straight blue ticket.. She should resig in shame,by be appointed by a Mass Scammer President period.please vote for the democratic party in november thank you.. It’s just sad that RBG couldn’t retire because she didn’t want something like this to happen, and it’s happening anyways. . With this election most likely going to scotus, all seats need be filled otherwise Pence is the tie breaker.. If only they were this anxious to provide desperately needed relief to millions of suffering families! Pass the Stimulus!!!. Desperation. She will be confirmed before #November03good riddance to the liberal icon and it will then be up to Americans to decide whether or not they want to save America with the Law and Order economic prosperous POTUS or destroy America with …

Im glad they used the words to fill the seat”, because rbg could never be replaced by anyone, least of all her.. Get this Justice confirmed as is lawful and proper under the provisions set forth in the Constitution!. I do hope she won’t be confirmed in the job before the results of the elections, as it is for the new president to choose a replacement for the late judge, not for Trump!!!. She doesn’t have at all the experience to be at the supreme court. We have serious unemployment issues; families losing housing and THIS IS A PRIORITY?. Not the person for the job.. There’s no reason to get all twisted up about this appointment There’s nothing we can do to stop it, so focus on Voting and come January when Joe’s sworn in as the next President, and the Democracts take back the Senate that’s when this can be fixe…

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