Schittiest year ever 2020 mug


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When I first seen you it was when you was singing for the Coca-Cola commercial and when I admire your talent my news first sang the song Sweet Lady. And also made a video with Usher and then you blowing up very hard on Fast and the Furious look like th… See More. Amen “Tyrese” Peace Be Still and you did! To Be Humble and Have Faith. Acknowledge All Your Blessings. God had the Master Plan for you because never forgot where you came from through your Life Journey! I love it and I feel you. I am a small town south… See More. Tyrese, don’t ever be arrogant, it is nice to visit where you came from after you think that you have arrived. Always put Jesus first because after your money, friends and family despises you, Jesus will still be right there loving, guarding and prote… See More Schittiest year ever 2020 mug

Schittiest year ever 2020 mug

Schittiest year ever 2020 mug 1

That’s a lovely story, and so inspiring. We all are fighting a different battle everyday and hoping to succeed one day. More grace my husband look alike . This is a powerful testimony. This goes to show that we should wait on our purpose, our season and our semester. Just have faith and be grateful. Thank you for your testimony.. That’s awesome my brotha.. Sometime you have to go back where it all started.. Its good for the soul and it remind you how far God has brought you from.. love you my brotha… There’s a song that describes your journey. It’s called every time I turn around God keeps on blessing me. It’s a true statement for you keep being a blessing.. The life in Watts is hard i raised two daughters on my own in watts, i can imagine it for a young man, god blessed you and continues to, Tyrese, you are one of the people that i admire always down to earth and always remember where you came from. Not m… See More Schittiest year ever 2020 mug

Schittiest year ever 2020 mug

Through all the pain , God have a plan for your life expect greater because God is a God of exceedingly ,above all you can ask or dream!. So inspiring, God will continue to lift you higher for acknowledging his grace upon you life. I Love your songs so much. I do something very similar. I go back to the town i grew up in at least twice a year. The neighborhood i grew up in wasn’t great. It was what my parents could afford. But i use that as motivation going through engineering in college while working 20 h… See More. My 8 years old boy really like your music . Sometimes you have to visit the past to figure out your future. Very humbling experience. Your words today have me getting ready to start my fire and follow the path I was chosen for.Always a fan.. So glad to see you came along way and made so much of yourself. And to share that wonderful voice of yours to the world. That you are close to our father lord and savior we love you tyrese keep doing what you doing and be safe.

I was so happy to know that you were a child of God.please do well to win Jamie Foxx to Christ He is so talented to gives all that to thr world.Papa God is awaiting his worship. I’m in tears right now in such emotional moment right now in my life…. not to take away from your moment i being from that same place remember so much …. so happy for and yours. Legendary! It was meant for your voice to be heard around the world to uplift and inspire millions! Continued blessings . Thank you Tyrese you have been inspiration to me every since I met you and you signed and took a picture with me. I remember asking you how does it feel to be famous and wealthy your response was; Don’t your clients come back to you I said yes, You sai… See More. You are an awesome singer and actor! God truly blessed you, and gave you many talents! Keep singing as long g as breath is in your body. Always, put God first in your life, and you will continue to soar to even higher heights!

That is awesome maybe one day before I leave this world I’ll get my very first audition I’ve been holding on to that for years and God has truly blessed me went again but until that day when the right person see me I hope that I will have the same expe… See More. I can imagine that kind of feeling, when you retrace your steps. Is so good when you’ve achieved so much that you’re globally respected for doing what you love doing best. Tyrese you’re my hero. Am sending my love from Nigeria.. God had a plan and purpose in your life.. He saw greater things to come that you couldnt imagine ..And you are bless and thankful and what got had place for you… You were blessed with many God given talents it’s very humbling to see where we walked , but at times we become a plum bob to lay a straight foundation to rebuild on and walk with the living God just like Haggai and Zechariah, Zerubbabel and his people… See More

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