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I’m going to early vote, last time me and my wife got absentee ballot she didn’t get hers back, so had to vote in person anyway. Already voted! I just use my home mailbox. Worked fine last time. I will check in a couple of days on the website to make sure it is received.. I hand-carried mine to the post office last Monday. Then got my Republican mother to say she’d vote for Jon (and the gang) in January! Ordered her a mail-in ballot.. It is safe but scared of the Republicans that runs the post office or elections.. Dropped mine off today.. Dropped off our absentee ballots at the county registrar last week. Go blue!. Our ballots have been completed, returned, and accepted! Thanks, Stacy, for all you’ve done for this country.. This Colorado girl donated to your candidates in Georgia – trying to help you any way we can, because ultimately it helps us all. Thank you for your efforts! Saving christmas hunting things the family business ugly sweater and jumper

Saving christmas hunting things the family business ugly sweater

Saving christmas hunting things the family business ugly sweater- pic 1

Anna Jean Stevens Bright. So Proud of you Stacey! Georgia Thanks you!!. Sam Washington. I’m not even in your state but I love you!!. Janice Gallemore. In Oregon, we are involved! letters recently to previous mail-in voters to do so again, and 50 postcards on the way mid-December. Keep it Up!. I’m with you Stacey. Let’s keep the Blue wave going.. 17 million heavily armed vets took an oath to protect America against both foreign and DOMESTIC enemies along with 75 million heavily armed Trump supporters! You have prostituted yourself to the Chinese Communist Party, therefore YOU ARE THE ENEMY!. Please safe away from the Trump Rallies Stacey. Stay Safe. Nobody is wearing masks at a time when Georgia cases are exploding.. Good job, supporting all from Md! GOTV. Are all this disabled people registered voter?. The GOP plaintiffs asked the court at a hearing Friday to order the state to inspect duplicated and adjudicated ballots, claiming without evidence that there could be enough uncounted votes for Trump to change the election results. if you want to look … See More Saving christmas hunting things the family business ugly sweater and jumper

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Thank you for addressing the disability community. A lot of the election fraud in Georgia can be traced to Abrams and her Demonic cohorts. They win and it’ll be all over.. THANKS STACEY ABRAMS LOTS OF DISABLED AND ELDERLY FOLKS ARE DENIED THEIR. RIGHTS TO VOTE..
THEY SHOULD AUTOMATICALLY GET ABSENTEE BALLOTS THAT ARE PICKED UP BY VOTING OFFICE’S CERTIFIED REPRESENTATIVES…. William Michael. This is one amazing woman she makes me have hope in this messed up world we are in… Thank you Stacey. We need those two senators especially now that Trump is trying to destroy the country before he leaves and the spineless Republicans say nothing.. I’d vote for you if you’re up running for the White House!. Kristi Nelson Taylor. A DeafBlind friend commented that there should be a written transcript also, because screen readers can’t read captions in the video.. Stacy Abrams, you are a bright light in these brightening days. Thank you for all that you do in the name of sanity, fairness and justice! Sending love, admiration and prayers from NYS!

Such a racial vote, abrams you should be ashamed.. Thank you for accommodating Deaf, hard of hearing and blind constituents. Blessings on you for how hard you work. Stay strong and safe.. Good luck Stacy. I’m disabled in CA. It’s so important that everyone has the same opportunities.. This native Floridian is proud of you Stacey. Hope Georgia flips blue again and you’re an intelligent woman whose done an excellent job persuading people to go out and vote.. I am an amputee and appreciate the care and concern for people like me. You’re amazing, Stacy. We romance writers are in awe of you. Don’t stop! #bluewave #amplifiedliving. My daughter is handicapped with a closed head injury & epilepticy!. Thank you for bringing up this very important issue! I am a Deaf activist and I am thrilled to see this video with ASL interpreter!. Thanks for your GREAT work in Georgia, Stacey Abrams et al. So grateful!

Thank you for your humbleness, and great leadership.. Thank you Stacy for all of your efforts and to everyone else who works tirelessly to make our government more representative of our citizens so that we may shine the light of freedom across all lands. You will always have my support. Keep up the great … See More. Hope it works out that Georgia Democrats take both seats! All you republicans do just what your stupid DJT said—boycott that runoff election!. Stacey Abrams, I would love to have you as my President in 2024…keep up the good work.. Praying that Georgia voters get out to vote for Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock. The whole country is counting on you. . Thank you Stacy for fighting the good fight!. It was an amazing concert!. All eyes on GA! That racist Louis DeJoy will be history also by voting for Warnock & Ossoff!!

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