Satan Skull 666 3D Hawaiian Short


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Satan Skull 666 3D Hawaiian Short

Top FanAnnette Cambareri ViganoBernie speaks the truth. Politics are so convoluted and it’s by design—the less people understand, the less power they have. Thank you! 6 . Jason TarangoWhat we need is a government workforce dedicated to mass producing hemp for construction, fuel, and energy. It may be slow going at first but eventually it can be fully autonomous and virtually cost free considering resource can be multiplied with basi… See More21 . Dean MillerSadly, Bernie is one of a few people who care about their constituents. The majority of people in congress care only for themselves and extending their gravy train into perpetuity – on BOTH sides of the aisle. I doubt if Bernie can get any cooperation … See More2 . Beth DemersBernie! I have so much respect for you. Thank you for all of your hard work for decades. I believe in you! 3 . Top FanJared PlotkinBernie isn’t calling the shots at all. Bernie hasn’t even mentioned his signature issue, Medicare for All, in his speeches or emails at all lately. Not a single person who supported Bernie was appointed to Biden’s cabinet. We couldn’t get the monthly c… See More3  Satan Skull 666 3D Hawaiian Short

Satan Skull 666 3D Hawaiian Short

Satan Skull 666 3D Short

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