Sore loser he is now the President elect that defeated a failure like you in terms of Covid response.. Joe and Biden have been corrupt politicians in history there is nothing new about him some did not understand he was the candidate of the Chinese and the media.. Joe Biden is a crooked feeble puppet.. We stand behind you Mr. President! You have done amazing things for the United States . If a democrat were president Covid wouldn’t have even been sensationalized and every death wouldn’t have been counted as a covid one, we’ve barely had any deaths from any other sickness this year. Hell if a democrat was president I don’t think covid wo… . Beijing Biden needs to conceed. Democrats cheated every way they could.. Yes President Trump we all know Bejing Pedo Bidden sold our country to China and very big Criminal as the Ring leader in the Bidden Crime Family the Big Guy you might call him ! Yes he has Dementia and only he is lucid , when he is completely pumped … See More Santa Weed foe everybody christmas ornaments

Santa Weed foe everybody christmas ornaments

Santa Weed foe everybody christmas ornaments- pic 1

I pray that Joe Biden will not be our next president and that the truth will come out about the election.. Stay Focused on the Deep State. Win the war. Biden is not worth the breath of air.. Are you now campaigning for the presidency?? Biden is the president elect and you need to understand. Biden doesn’t even know where he is half the time. He’s a puppet of the left.. When are these swamp creatures going to jail ! ! !. Yes, we definitely already know that. One of the MANY reasons we voted for you!!. he did nothing in 47 years. Americans chose Trump, Im of your noise. Amazing Trump . The China virus and the China puppet ..America will go beneath zero under Biden ..He faked the elections ..Trump is the only guy who can save America from collapsing .Biden is China Iran and Russia servant.. money and self interest first !..A cheater … Santa Weed foe everybody christmas ornaments

Santa Weed foe everybody christmas ornaments

Santa Weed foe everybody christmas ornaments- pic 2

The vaccine they produced for h1n1 killed people, gave them seizures and disabilities for life!. He didnt do anything in 47 yrs what makes anyone think he’ll do anything if he gets in again? Just in politics for himself and Hunter. Yes we do! We the people need you!. WE got your back Mr. President! Don’t back down at all from these bums!. Well considering he can’t deliver a coherent sentence it’s not a stretch to say his delivery of anything important would be an utter and total Democrat disaster, as usual. Besides, that’s hard to do from a cell next to Obama in Gitmo!. Biden is terrible! But what’s worse is Obama , Harris, and Clinton running our country because that’s the plan Biden is the puppet. Biden is a disaster!!!!!! – Thank you President Trump for the excellent job getting us the vaccine in record time to save thousands and thousands of life’s from The China Plague.

Dont worry about that wether speech or no speech u are still and will continue to be our president in America.. This is terrible. The radical left and compromised media have subverted the democratic process in the United States. The great citizens of the United States know that you are the best President they have had in the recent past. True Americans must reje… . Can’t we fire the media . So you are still in America? I thought you were supposed to leave after losing. Please go and dry in China Mr Hydrochloroquine.. Never give up never back down. Nobody wants to listen to Trump speeches. They are sickening and divisive. We are peaceful with Biden.. The problem with you is that you don’t know what you want.. They always lie, at all times.. When in the world did the USA become a country where freedom of speech is under attack!!! Journalists start doing your stinking job and report the truth!!

Agreed!!! Bravo President! Bravoand a job rightly done. I want a recount on how many COVID-19 case there are in the United States . I think there’s more than 3 ! ! ! I don’t think they faded away like the president said they would ! ! !. Never give up on us because we will never give up on you and Thank You for all you have done in the last 4 years. I hope all your family is well.. Stop the horrible corrupt politicians whom only steal from their constituents. We trust in you and only you our great President!. Absolutely
Bring down all of them!!. Thank you Mr President for all that you have done for us! I am a single mom and I couldn’t afford to feed my children under the Obama administration but since you have in office I have been able to enjoy life with my children. I am embarrassed how some…

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