Toddler Trump did prove one thing. Anybody REALLY CAN grow up to be President.. People will be abandoning ship at a fast rate between now and the end of the year.. It’s all just normal practice within the normal job market to fire underperforming people. Ask a Walmart exec if that’s accurate. That’s what they’re doing with government employees now. Just making them accountable for their actions.. The ship is going to sink. His own people are starting to save themselves.. All I can say is if there really is enough people to vote for Biden to win this thing that will explain what’s wrong with the country. The man will dismantle everything that makes money. It’s truly not in the interest for Biden to win.. As we move further into a dictatorship. What about Bobulinski?. glad to know at least one of his minions had the cajones to stand up for what they believe Santa To ride on a horse is to fly without wings poster

Santa To ride on a horse is to fly without wings poster

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The safest activity during Covid-19 is obviously protesting .. Then we need to install the same filters used by airplanes in store and school ventilation systems! Wait I will bet this study was funded by the Airline industry?. How much did American Airlines pay you to write this article?. Had the covid. Lost taste and smell. Got over it in 3 days. It was not bad at all. Been way more sick from other stuff in my life.. Yes it is but problem is it bring effected people to places where virus doesnt exist. Right?. It’s not necessarily the airplane that is the issue. It’s the airport, the shuttle you take from the parking lot, the Uber you take to the hotel and so on.. How convenient this comes out around the most traveled time of the year. I’m pretty sure more people have died in airplanes than in grocery stores. Just saying. Santa To ride on a horse is to fly without wings poster

Santa To ride on a horse is to fly without wings poster

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With all due respect, if the economy was good before Covid19, then trump admin should have done better with the money they made in the first three years. A good family father works hard and save up so when the hard times come, the good father can help … . WOOOEEEE!! There’s a lot of angry GOPers on this thread. So much evidence presented and established, zeroing in on Orange Julius and his administration, and yet there is loyalty to the bitter end. Rough.. Why isn’t your network covering the Tony Bobulinski story..don’t we deserve to hear what he has to say!. He didnt inherited that great of an economy, he made it better than it had been in decades until the Covid shutdown which was China’s fault!. Any idiot giving this story any traction should look up the DOW Jones under Trump that has gone up over 10,000 points since he got elected. The highest gain ever in its history in a four your term for any president to date.

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A Harvard University study released Tuesday used computer models to review airflow in airliner cabins, and it says the specialized onboard ventilation systems filter out 99% of airborne viruses. It was funded by airlines, airplane manufacturers and air… . Good! i want to be able to see my grand kids at least 4 times a year safely! As a ADULT MASK up, eat before my flight and use rest room before leaving, a small plan is worth seeing their facing screaming grandma here. To late for these types of studies to bring back customers. The politicians, their doctors already scared away alot of people, pissed off alot people with their restrictions in the name of safely. One or more of these Airlines are going to go away as… See More. Im skeptical that these other areas have as good of ventilation as the airplane cabin:. I flew to England in August and was very pleased and very safe. It’s the first time I’ve flown to the UK and not ended up with bronchitis or an upper respiratory infection. I definitely credit that to masks and sanitizer. Before the non maskers star… See More

What this chart shows fail to tell the whole story. Trump didnt cause the COVID-19. The downturn in the economy was NOT his fault. Remove that portion of the chart and only show what each did during their first 37 months of their Presidency and he is … . You mean inherited the most stagnant economy since the Great Depression. I feel so confident this time that guy won’t win. Everyone that wants to talk about Biden’s son, would stop talking about him Nov. 4th lmao. And, if he would have led us in taking precautions (like wearing masks) to limit the spread since the beginning, we could have gone about our business with much less impact from Covid—not to mention the human suffering and lives that could have been sp… See More. 2 Bushes and Trump have been absolutely shocking Presidents and two of them couldn’t even get a majority of Americans to vote them in. That’s Republicans for you.

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