Samurai women Be strong when you are weak poster


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I cant wait to listen this song . You look so perfect omg . he made a good decision, he chose her for a reason. So excited to listen your new song with Dixie and i pre-saved it . Oh god! The duo we all needed . Dixie is so lucky. I already want to hear it, I know it will be a success . THIS SONG IS ALREADY A BOP. Fernanda Fernández. GO SING WITH TOGETHER! DON’T LISTEN TO ANYONE JUST DO IT! . I’m very proud of you payno, keep going as we always love you and you deserve a lot, a lot.. agawa nyu nalang tanan!. I’m so proud. and why dixie lol pwede naman 1d ops. We very much proud of you liam! and we Love you sooo sooo much!!!. How handsome the boy. . Collab pamong Niall Louis Harry ug Zayn para nindot. Samantha Duggan Samurai women Be strong when you are weak poster

Samurai women Be strong when you are weak poster

Samurai women Be strong when you are weak poster 3

I wish I was in all 3 shows but there’s no money And seriously I would have loved to have seen you dressed up on Saturday, lucky and sure will be a great show, thank you so much forgiveness for so little Liam. Ana Castrosa Samurai women Be strong when you are weak poster I couldn’t buy a ticket, ’cause i’m poor, sorry, but i know that your show will be amazing, like you. XOXO. Can’t wait for Saturday! It will be afternoon for me! It’s going to be amazing! . I’m so ready for Saturday thank you for saving my Halloween Liam . Looking forward to seeing what you have planned for the show Liam . I love you so much.Can’t wait to attend lpact3. I Love you Liam, from Argentina. We are always here for you to love and support you for ever no matter what. We’ll understand everything, We’ll accept everything. Don’t forget about it.. Got my ticket! Can’t wait for this party

Samurai women Be strong when you are weak poster

Samurai women Be strong when you are weak poster 2

Liam you are the love of my life . I can’t wait . Liam Payne collab with 1-direction. wowwwwww!!! Go liam and dixie I love ya’ll. I LOVE YOU LIAM. don’t pay attention to the bad comments, I love this collaboration, for many you are and will be our world, we love u, keep going! . I’ve been here for a long time Liam, give me the top fan badge. I’m so excited for you . Can’t Wait for the Collab!!. We’re all excited Liam can’t waitt. LOVE YOU!!
COME BACK TO BRAZIL . Good music Payne. Really you couldn’t find anyone but her?? That’s sucks.. detective since 2015,yes we are. This is going to be epic!!! So proud of you . I love you, for you I want to go to school . I can’t wait for it’s tomorrow!!. I thought it was Nancy from Stranger Things LOL I was really surprised

Samurai women Be strong when you are weak poster 1

Why some saying that Liam Payne should collaborate to a great singer than Dixie, bruh the girl can showcase her talent and since she was new to this, let Dixie explore another culture of music , and it’s the insecurities for me. dixie is so lucky asf, been a directioner for a long time and still waiting for u to notice me… :((. Liam is so pretty . We’re so good detectives, and we love You so much, and i can’t wait to hear it, i’m sure that your christmas song is beautiful just the way You are, drink water babe, WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH, DON’T FORGET IT . proud of you liam. thank u for always have a smile for us. I’m so happy that u featuring with Dixie she’s so talented,good luck guys . I’m so proud of you, I love you liam, though I can’t reach you but I’m still wishing the best for you

I love u but Dixie ruined the surprise 100% . Wow..some people need to go back to elementary school..didn’t your moms or teachers teach you if you can’t say something nice…then don’t say anything at like Thumper guys
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Tenor. It should’ve been Niall your guys voice sounds so good together. How big are you mijo, your friend is very cool, let’s see when you come to have coffee, greetings to your mommy
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Tenor. Sorry I just didn’t even like her a little, maybe I’m the only who won’t listen to this up coming song. Sorry Liam! I do love you so much and always listen to your every songs you made but this time definitely I could not.. So happy for Liam! I like Dixie’s song Be Happy, so I’m really excited for this song!!. What time are you going to get your song out? Or do you want us not to sleep? Don’t worry if you say don’t sleep I do

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