President Trump..your the best ever..this family really appreciates all your doing for this country..God Bless you and your family.. Loved our freedom,praying for for more years of freedom,we wouldnt have our freedom with out our service men and women,thank you for putting your life on the line for me my family and the rest of the USA,THANK YOU. Thank you President Trump for your selfless love you have shown to veterans past and present. You have done so much for this country. I admire you for your grit and honesty against the evil forces that have fought against you. You are the greatest pres… . Thanks to the best president! Good luck in your future endeavorshope you will be back stronger than ever!. So true and we should be proud of our President for the work he has done with our Vets and men and women serving now.. God bless our Veterans, God bless America, and God bless President Donald J Trump. Samurai Girl If They Stand Behind You Poster

Samurai Girl If They Stand Behind You Poster

Samurai Girl If They Stand Behind You Poster - A4

So why can’t he be an honorable person and a gentleman and give up all of this trauma?. You did your part too. You kept us out of any wars, you strengthened our military, you are bring peace to the Middle East where others have failed for decades, you brought fairness to our trade imbalances with our friends and enemies, you got our econo… . Trump the best president of America. So sad we cant have a man of action like this again. He truly understands where our freedoms come from.. Thank you, President Trump, for defying the military-industrial complex and ending war and bringing our men and women home.. Don’t let them get away with cheating we have to stop them now or never stand up and fight thank you US Navy veteran firefighter and an EMT. He is trying to to honor veterans on Veterans Day. Can’t you Democrats shut up and lose some of your hatred for anything . Samurai Girl If They Stand Behind You Poster

Samurai Girl If They Stand Behind You Poster

Samurai Girl If They Stand Behind You Poster - A3

Thank you President Trump for all you have done for us, we love you and are standing with you through all of this. My father is to this day an MIA from the Korean conflict and I know if he were here he would love you as well. My family and friends are… . Wow Fox is actually posting a positive note about our President I’m shocked . Donald Trump is real.. he couldnt be fake if he wanted to.. he fights for us and our country. The way he has been treated is disgraceful Anyone else would not want to stay in another four years. He loves our country. TRUMP 2020. I wonder how much money the wealthy have made off the countless lives lost at war. Thank you President Trump for respecting and honoring our veterans, and loving America and it’s people. God bless you and your family. Prayers.

Samurai Girl If They Stand Behind You Poster - A1

Best President in my lifetime! And just wait.. we WILL have 4 more years of TRUMP/ PENCE to Make America Great Again, Again!. Thank you for everything! You will always be my President. Still praying for you and your beautiful family.. Our President is a true American . Thank you also for fighting for us and our country!. Thank you President Trump. MAGA people are patiently waiting for you to work through the courts. We’re expecting recounts, fraud exposure and victory!!! We believe in you.. People amaze me, you down our President and then call for unity for another, Lord heal our country. Thank you President Trump for all that you have done for us Veterans. You have repaired a lot the damage that was done to the VA.. I doubt he wrote that. Entirely too eloquent.. Thank you for Serving our Country with IMMEASURABLE PRIDE and LOVE. You have shown it for 4years and we Pray you have 4more years to show the WORLD The Strengths and Resolve of The AMERICAN PEOPLE .God Bless

He didnt come up with that sentence on his own . I would like to thank all the Veterans and those in the Military, I love you and I am greatly appreciative . i dont know why Joe Biden is the projected winner of the 2020 US Presidential Election” flag is on this post, but facebook should truly be ashamed of themselves. We are honoring our Veterans, who fought to protect our freedom of speech, and this is t… . This man has no right to claim this. He had his doctor claim he had none spurs so he would not have to serve. He is a disgrace. Democrats and the fake news media are in a complete and utter panic right now.
They’re absolutely terrified of an audit of the votes.. Kissing up won’t work Fox, you threw 70 million under the bus What did he say….our men and women in the military are losers?

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