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They’d get a better workout without their shirts on . Thanks! Great ideas..but practice better social distancing! . When did you film this? Hopefully not recently, Hems. You’re too close to each other.. Love watching your workout videos! the exercises you do are similar to the ones I do in self defense class! You will always be an awesome inspiration to us all Chris . Have a great weekend Chris and take care Salem sanctuary for wayward cats poster I could help you with some personal training or something sometime take care dude have a great weekend . Where are the other five reps?? Great workout guys!!. 65 hours of work . That was way more entertaining than I thought it would be. Way to go guys. I’ll drink to that! . I want to see this but one upped by a famous Chris every day. Tomorrow: Laundry squats with a kid on top featuring Chris Pine

AMAZING Salem sanctuary for wayward cats poster

Salem sanctuary for wayward cats poster 2

Chris Hemsworth your voice is so Salem sanctuary for wayward cats poster thanks for the work out tips . Yep, I’m enjoying watching from bed… I would exercise if I could! Do one for the handicapped and I’d join in… You sexy thang! . Can you show me once more. I didn’t quite get it the first time . I’m doing it only because Chris is just yummmmmmm .. well just watching really . I am from Argentina, and I have low self-esteem so I will try to do this routine that you are offering; obviously with homemade instruments. MIB international was great. Hope there’s a sequel in the works.. Loving your home workouts. Working my horse and myself. Just finished my first one of the Center 6 a few minutes ago! . Surely they’d be more comfortable without shirts on?. Yes there is. Check out Amorak Langsy page. He’s crafty about doing at home quarantine workouts without a home gym.

Salem sanctuary for wayward cats poster

Salem sanctuary for wayward cats poster 1

Someday will do for my body and my back scraps.. Take off your shoes and try. Back lever . It’s really cool). There is something for you to work on.. I reckon you could do it…. I dare you to give it a go . Whatever you do Chris is magic . Plus Bobby’s a show off . Woah dudes — yeah i just put down my slice of Tavio. To be able to do that you really are Thor . Let’s see you try t-shirt challenge. That is most kind, if I think of anything, to say I will directly message you . This is just.. Crazy. Kinda like how south Africans feels right about now!. my favorite actor, I love it. Could you please just do that again Chris. Cool.!!!. Chris, sorry but.. HOW THE HELL?!. love the look on your face when you jumped down Chris

Thank you Chris and family you are a true Aussie legend and you are proud to be Australian . Done – Well done Chris Hemsworth for leading another great fundraiser that is simple for anyone to support . I love Koalas
. Hi Chris & Elsa as local heroes would you mind buying The Farm so it’s stays in a local’s hands. Great spot for #wildark HQ & sustainability education wildlife rescue / rehabilitation centre… we need one. Fantastic Chris! We all need to pull together on this and you are one of the best we have!
Pause GIF. I did this and raffled tickets raised just under a thousand dollars once converted from £. For the Koala’s all pyrography by myself. It broke my heart to see so many injured animals. Xx. I am with all my heart and mind with you. But Chris… this is easy. It is a climate desaster. Let’s go to Romania were the austriac multinational companies are deforestating the country. The Carpatien forest is cut everyday… and it seams that no one… See More

Omg! Just to be able to do 1 of any of them! Just had spinal surgery and missing exercise. Thanks for the motivation. Give me 6 weeks and I’ll be giving it a go.. Thanks for posting this Chris- with the gyms closed I’ve been looking for more exercises to add to my home work out and I’m definitely trying these tomorrow . I like this one! (In my best Thor voice). Mr. Hemsworth, I am honoured that you liked my comments. You are a gentlemen and an incredible role model with all you do throughout the world. Not just in film but for the protection of endangered species and charity work. You inspire me to do better … See More. Correction-Worlds hottest in home workout. Thanks for the motivation-will be watching this (I mean working out to this) again and again.. Thank you Chris for the great ideas for working out at home. I know that this will help a lot of people out. Please keep us updated on any new ideas of workout programs.

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