Racing There is never too much horsepower poster


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One of the things that kills batteries is that charging and discharging changes the plates sizes and that eventually break them down. Somebody has come up with a wood based one that is more flexible so it lasts longer, They can be huge.. You will never win because you are trying to forcefeed the vaccine… Telling us we do not know what is good for us… You think we are too stupid to make are own decisions.. But what about the pullution created in manufacturing these cars? The impact of the extraction of nickel is devastating and toxic for the environment. People also seem to have missed the point that at some time the batteries need to be disposed of, how… See More. I will love this batteries sir to be manufactured in Botswana we offer very great and stable environment for such I will give a free industrial plot for such a project Racing There is never too much horsepower poster

Racing There is never too much horsepower poster

Racing There is never too much horsepower poster 1

Great Day Maestro Bill Gates, I hope you’re having a satisfactory time, I love you, utmost gratification & appreciation, thank you…. GOOD MORNING ON THIS BEAUTIFUL SUNDAY! KNOCK KNOCK ,WHO THERE ? LUKE.LUKE WHO? LUKE THROUGH THE PEEPHOLE AND FIND OUT. FROM PIERCE INSTINCTS PROPERTY MANAGEMENT :):):):):):). how do you manage to live with so much death in the name of your works? is that all your “I” can do?. We need your help as peace and love orphanage this children are so eager to find possible ways of getting back to school. When bitter and sweet are mixed, it produces an indescribable taste.  Everything is not delicious even if either is too strong! What a wasteful state! ? ? ?  Everything will be destroyed if you can not maintain the true balance . Dear Mr. Gates, U did great! I wish u’d be able to support me im my vision to expand basic educations for teen agers. Sorry what criteria should be fulfilled to earn donations? Racing There is never too much horsepower poster

Racing There is never too much horsepower poster

Racing There is never too much horsepower poster 3

Utter failure for 75 yrs millions still without fresh water access and also electricity
These two things lift people out of poverty. You forgot to mention they have never ever fulfilled their primary mandate ever. And leave a bunch of UN soldiers to carry those demons for a lifetime. So they should be dismantled and just deemed a charity organization.. Bill I have some questions re UN for you , I do not see their positive impact in the world.. Read my book. It gets rid of the United nations and establishes a better system for mankind with my inventions that are real which will never be introduced to the human race because of people like trump, gates and others others who are rich and hold t… See More. what?
What?. Dear Bill, in Venezuela people don’t have work and democracy by efect of dictatorial regym of Maduro. China, Rusia and Iran are allies. What’s happened with United Nations?

Racing There is never too much horsepower poster 2

Congo. Richest country in africa in terms of minerals. What’s the interest there in that even traders in markets transact in clean US dollar notes. Like from federal reserves unlike other african countries. But the confusion in the wealth areas is not … See More. The united nations is still working, but there is 1 country that disregards the good work the organisation has been doing. When the countries are in crisis, they look first national and not international. Look at the corona crisis, even there the count… See More. United Nations is not addressing some fundermental issues that leads to some much problems..such as bad governance, rigging of election where people’s wishes and aspirations are not honoured..if allowed to continue will definitely bring about total unr… See More. When somebody declares to “fight inequality” that doesn’t mean inequality will be fought somewhere where it really exists.. To end poverty we need rich people to stop avoiding taxex multinationals and lobby to no bribe government for their own benefit and endless greedy…

The United Nations is useless and everyone knows it. This isn’t our problem, rather you should interfere on security matters happening here in northern Nigeria. At least show us we are all human.. The UN, Australia, Great Britain, America and the rest of the West are all failing miserably in West Papua Bill Gates. Mr gate.we have challenges in the area of insecurities in Nigeria, cause by bad leadership. Things are getting bad on the daily basis. The Land has taken more than enough blood. Confusion everywhere including the government.why can’t Africa leaders hon… See More. 75 year down the line many people in the world still living in abject poverty. Great job that you do. And Sir, if possible, do something in relation to cancer. This disease is terrible.. For 75 years right? How does this translate to ending all you’ve mentioned in Nigeria order than mere talking. Oh billy boy you could end a lot of these things if you actually cared for anyone other than your self.

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