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7 years ago I was so young! I was six years old. Now I have the chance to meet all of you, or at least one of you!! I’d appreciate it so much!! You probably won’t visit my country cause it’s so small. It’s called Malta Raccoon Your butt napkins my lady poster . But if someday you’ll come, I’ll appreciate it very much as I never saw you face to face!! I love you so much!!!!. It feels like I’m 9 again. From the first day until now I’m still a Directioner Pause GIF. This Picture is no perfect because of without Zayn . No . Ooh guys I’m soo excited about that soo proud of you and I wish this year will be the best with ever5 and with the best band one direction I wish zany will come back too and singin with each other like last year love youth soo much. I am doing that since 3 years in spotify. Please come back we want you to reunite

Raccoon Your butt napkins my lady poster

Raccoon Your butt napkins my lady poster 3

Not being funny but I thought they were going to announce a tour or they had made a new song not a five minute video talking about there past!. You forgot to say”we are back”. I’ve been your fan since I was 5!now I’m already 13 years old! And will be 14 sooner! But still your music is my fave eversince! You INSPIRED ME A LOT TO LEARN HOW TO COMPOSE MUSIC ON MY OWN! SO PLEASE MAKE A COMEBACK SOONER. My best One Direction moment ever is when I first saw them in concert for the Take Me Home tour in Chicagoland area in July 2013 and I sat 10 rows from the stage. I took alot of pictures that night I was hoping to take 100 pics but took 85. The best th… See More. Seeing them live in concert was amazing.. I still listen to them in my car… I am 46 and not afraid to share that! Raccoon Your butt napkins my lady poster

Raccoon Your butt napkins my lady poster

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Raccoon Your butt napkins my lady poster 1

Drag me down
What makes you beautiful
Story of my life
Little things
Rock me
Best song ever. I absolutely love Louis’s solo in “Over Again”, but my favs are probably the ones with inside jokes attached.. Fool’s gold, Drag me down, Little white lies, Don’t forget where you belong,More than this, History,What makes you beautiful, Where do broken hearts go,Midnight memories, Half a heart,Stole my heart, If I could fly, Ready to run,Live while we’re young,Story of my life,Love you goodbye,Up all night,Gotta be you. Perfect and Live While We’re Young. . “Nobody Compares” will always be my favorite song in the world . it’s impossible for me to only have one favorite song, so here are my favorites:. Hell !!! I cannot choose which one is the best song from them. All of their song are perfect !!!
But Best Song Ever, Night Changes, I wish, more than this, midnight memories, steal my girl, perfect, love you goodbye, drag me down, up all night, they dont know about us, kiss you, live while we’re young, etc are perfect!!!

I Want, Summer Love, It’s Gotta Be You, Same Mistakes, Best Song Ever, and They Don’t Know About Us. They’re all soooo good!. Best song ever, steal my girl, what makes you beautiful, little things,story of my life, history,they don’t know about us,live while we’re young,we’re only getting older baby, kiss you and perfect . 18, LITTLE THINGS, SUMMER LOVE, MORE THAN THIS, YOU AND I, BEST SONG EVER, RIGHT NOW, HISTORY. best song ever, live while were young, one thing, summer love, better than words, up all night, steal my girl, drag me down, night changes, kiss you, strong, history, gotta be you, diana and irresistible . I really love all the songs but truly madly deeply, Olivia, fireproof, does he know, happily, I want, I wish, walking in the wind and love you good bye have a special vibe . No control / Best song ever / You and I / Little Things and all One Direction songs

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