Nice. When can we have a woman President? . And we all see the shape our Congress is in. Everyone fighting and acting like spoiled kids. Unfortunately I have to say when it was all men at least it ran smoothly and things got done. These new young immature radical girls are just not right for the… . Why doesn’t CNN mention the increase was due to republicans?? And CNN doesn’t understand why they have no respect from the public now!. I believe when more women are given the opportunity to play leadership roles in society, the world would be a more better place Raccoon bathroom Your butt napkins my lady poster . I salute the #Sheroes . Hopefully they can work together and get something accomplished for the betterment of all Americans.. The people have Voted. We now want You 45 “out in record time!”. They could never do as badly as the men have. Fact.. Everyone in politics has the same job to do. Serve the American Citizens.

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Raccoon bathroom Your butt napkins my lady poster- A4

Chinas force for invading the world Raccoon bathroom Your butt napkins my lady poster It is Chinese showfolks. They carried out cultural, political, and military aggression, The world must know this, especially for current strategy of the US.. That’s a great improvement, let’s know exactly where the problem is coming from. There appears to be a glitch in the simulation! Elon Musk has called into question the authenticity of coronavirus tests, after claiming that results showed he tested positive twice and then negative twice – all on the same day.. Please read the whole thread. On Election night, Trump and his campaign team assembled in the Eisenhower Building just west if the White House to watch the results come in.… THREADREADERAPP.COM Thread by @tom2badcat on Thread Reader App. Conservative women did great. They flipped numerous seats! Republicans in the house just got stronger because of it. The socialists agenda was strongly rejected. Both in federal and state levels.. You can’t have fair and equal representation in politics until you have fair and equal representation

Raccoon bathroom Your butt napkins my lady poster

Raccoon bathroom Your butt napkins my lady poster- A3

I’m all about a woman President. It’s quite possible for a woman to come along and put all other candidates to shame and not be selected based on race. But if she’s a conservative she will be vilified. Please the world urgently convene the Paris Peace Accord Member states and send UN Peace Keeping forces to help arrange and monitor Re-Election in Cambodia by 2020 and dicussing areas of business.. Womens rights is human rights.. This is great news. Let’s not forget the first woman as Vice President. The presidency can’t be far away!!!!. American Women: You think 2020 has been bad?. Its about time!. That’s nice and all. But not all of them have good intentions. That is awesome as heck.. Good luck to you women!!!!? Women can do it just give us a chance. And the biggest Sheroe is Kamala Harris…VP. We are proud that we believe women finally matter role of USA election!! it was women power!!

Raccoon bathroom Your butt napkins my lady poster- A2

Long overdue. Hopefully more women take on more powerful roles. World will be a better place.. Man are loosing respect!. Wont it be nice when this doesn’t make headlines anymore? Girl power!. Until there are 9.” ~RBG. Can’t wait for the time when women serving in Congress ISN’T national news. Just normal.. Is it true that Congress is hosting lavish dinners for the incoming members. We have been told to cancel Thanksgiving? What about the people who have to prepare and serve this meal? How is this different from a restaurant thT wants to stay open? This i… . When our leadership looks like our population, then and only then will we make progress in this country.. I just hope they will fight for their own reproductive rights. Let’s hope they have all people in mine when considering legislation, not party affiliation.. Most unfortunate that so many women of the future never reach their full potential. They are sadly viciously slaughtered in the womb

Cant wait to see earth. Apparently Little Richie has an axe to grind.. Except your mom. It will be better without airplanes in the sky. We have seen enough in 2020…. No more surprises . Thats not nice.. poor little Pluto…. Africa. Nigeria. Rivers. State. Portharcourt. Hope to see Asgard”. My name is Destiny adex, I was In a relationship with
Rosaline and we loved and cherished ourselves for 3 good years and every. And you’d see better ratings if you gave Kaitlin Collins her own hour in prime time. The planets aligning
Play GIF. i did it in July, when the Comet was here. https://youtu.be/-slPxE23ngw
A July 2020 Rocket Launch,Planet Parade,an Comet Hunt. There has been a civil war going on in the United States ever since, Resident Obama took office, there are cops shooting black people, there are cops shooting twice as meany white people, and there are cops shooting other people of other races as well.…

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