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Chris GarnerSpeaking of grateful Tomorrow you leave the White House forever83 . Diane Vavrek FisherauerThank you for all you and your family have done God bless you all so many in our country are vicious and mean to those who try and make our country better including the military and law enforcement Hate to think what America is becoming. 66 . Michelle AbelThis has helped so many families in our community please know these families have expressed their gratitude to us locally!82 . Robyn StiresThank you for your labor in this. My community has been so blessed by this. I run the food Pantry at our church and I have seen First hand how this has impacted our area66 . Joy SwatsworthLove your amazing dedicated to the people of this country. We love you & your family.132 . Donna BastedoThank you for all you have done to help the food banks feed the hungry. I hope that you will continue to do this. Best wishes to you and your family.62  Rabbit It’s Okay Poster

Rabbit It’s Okay Poster

Robin FisherAmazing how much good you’ve done in so little time.31 . Top FanBernardo RubinIvanka big hart we love you in brasil!44 . Cari RitcheyThank you for your tireless efforts and working right up to the last days of Trump administration! When you could easily have stopped. Truly an amazing family! Yes, your dad likes to “toot his own horn” but got to give credit when credit is due! Thank … See More38 . William DonnellyLove how this women is so giving…..comes from a great family.46 . Top FanMona EddyThank you for all that you’ve done for we the people in this country. Know that you will be greatly missed by so very many of us. God be with all of you and your Trump family. Please be safe and know that we love and care about all of you. Your dad h… See More47 . Mary Pat KoscherSo proud of you Ivanka – thank you for your amazing and worthwhile causes over the last four years. May God Bless you and your family. 45  Rabbit It’s Okay Poster

Rabbit It’s Okay Poster

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