Good grief..what is going on with this election???. In what universe is this okay? What in hell has happened to our country when a group of crazies get around a bus to intimidate its passengers????. It’s so sad the bull crap that comes out of peoples mouths.. he is such a moron, but go ahead and vote for a man that has been in politics for over 40yrs and hadn’t done a thing.. i will stand with the man that had kept my husband working so we can ha… . The looting and rioting liberals are the ones that should be arrested. This is the pot calling the kettle black!. It’s so sad how he has divided our country! #bidenharris2020. Ignore the burning of cities by Antifa in Democratic run cities but worry about a parade where nobody and nothing was hurt or damaged. These people are idiots.complete morons!! Unbelievable that there is anyone oblivious enough to vote for such inco… See More Rabbit be strong be brave be humble be badass poster

Rabbit be strong be brave be humble be badass poster

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This is crazy those people are asking for problems selfish. Looks like some were wearing masks and taking precautions in this picture.. Why live in fear?. I bet all those commenting that COVID is not real or that its government controlling us blah blah blah do NOT know of a person who has gotten COVID! Lucky for you. But when your grandma or immuno compromised loved one gets it because you decided not to… . 1. Kids need real people interaction. Social development is super important. This is separate from opportunistic parties like Frye festival. It was bound to happen. Most likely plenty more where no one got caught.. Yet it’s ok for Donald trump to tour the country with thousands of people, one on top of another, with little to no masks at all? Not sure I see the logic in this.. Why isn’t tRump charged for having his mass rallies with no precautions? Rabbit be strong be brave be humble be badass poster

Rabbit be strong be brave be humble be badass poster

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All these fyckers thought it was a great idea to show up! See that’s why this damn virus not going nowhere. Fycking idiots. But, Trump can hold spreader rallies all over our nation with thousands of people?. A listen learn, maybe they want a taste of the COVID Virus to see how it feels or Die from it.. You can have a Trump Rally but no party something is wrong with this picture!. Then how come Trump doesn’t get charged for his rally’s?. Illegal?? Omg let people live their lives!!! Ugh. But they have masks on . But Trump can hold rallies of thousands. I do see masks though so that’s a plus. Lol this is nothing. In Utah we had one with over a thousand people, no masks and no bathroom.. In April the country weep with you as you had trucks to hold bodies for mass graves , and then in October you do this crap. In December we will turn our heads the other way and just worry and take care of our own. Damn NY. DAMN

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Monique Rodriguez. It was actually the van following the biden bus trying to cut off a trump supporter. Watch the full video. I call BS that they were trying to protect the bus yea right just like Trump is going to make a plan for COVID-19 because of the current spike in cases!!!. No one was trying to run the bus off the road I saw the video. I bet Dementia Joe had an episode and got scared that George is going to win the election.
Pause GIF. Mandie Stewart. They did notI watched many versions of the video.. Not true they got out of their lane first enviously distracted or untrained driver.. that part of video is not being shown suprised,?. He has not divided us, he is r President, it’s the Democratic Party, namely a few who has called all the trouble, solve it by limiting terms in congress!

Oh ya like anyone believes anything out of his mouth, Trump has brought so much division and hate into our country.. He should have been arrested a long time ago. Constantly inciting violence. The rest of the world considers this man a total joke. Its sad to see the United States of America the way has been the last four years. He has really brought out the worst n… . Oh my, did somebody get scared and call the police? Since when is it against the law to drive on a highway? I’m sure nobody was trying to run them off the road or they would have.. Christy Starr VanHarten. it is a sad day in the US when police departments have to prepare in case there might be riots on either side when the results come in on who will be our next president. That business is prepping for looting and even our schools send texts and emails s… See More

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