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Haideh Sheikhvand-Ghamami. We should make the current Medicare system free, get rid of the age minimum (expand it to every resident), and improve the system.. I’m 72 and I’ve been working since I was 16. Bernie Sanders is going to get me some teeth, some glasses and my heart medication. Bernie for President I say . It’s way past time for change in this corrupt country. There is no way the current administration will even vote on a Medicare for all plan that Bernie is promoting. We can’t even get a vote on 15.00 an hour which is still not enough for people to survive . No wonder this country is practically fallen apart in fronting our Purple Rose Faith Hope Love 3D Hoodie when continually elect these corporate politicians to run our country. In the next election the hype on mainstream media will be all about the first woman president of color ,. Great Job over the Years Bernie!!! I think America is finally waking Up…. Because of your Fights we will Win!

Purple Rose Faith Hope Love 3D Hoodie

It’s time you actually hold Biden accountable instead of calling his crumbs “progressive.” I’m tired of not getting a single win. Not one. Nothing.. and restore the SALT deduction. It unfairly harms NY, CT, MA, CA, and other states with higher tax structures and contrary to popular belief hits hardest at middle class in these states and legally its unfair taxation since tax is being paid to fed on tax paid to state. It TOOK $ from blue states and gave it to red states. It was purely a politically motivated act.. Restoring the tax rate is not thinking big, that’s the opposite of thinking big. That’s just going back to what we had recently. FAIR TAX. Nobody gets loopholes, nobody gets exemptions, nobody gets legal ways to avoid paying taxes. Tax outgo, not income.. If we’re going to think big, perhaps it’s time to purge all of the damage the Socialists and Progressives did to our country at the beginning of the 20th Century and restore the Constitution as the law of the land. Purple Rose Faith Hope Love 3D Hoodie

Purple Rose Faith Hope Love 3D Hoodie

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