Wtf does the government think they are!?!? Does no one understand you’re only on this earth ONCE!!! You don’t get a redo and most aren’t remembered. Let people live THEIR lives the way THEY want!! And why are we so wrapped up in who can marry whom when… Puerto rico soft sherpa blanket Notice both Clarence Thomas and Ben Carson both forgot “from whence we came” ideas: intra racial marriage (Thomas)or formally raised in poverty welfare recipient (Ben Carson)

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Puerto rico soft sherpa blanket- twin

We’ve got a lot of laws to change if we’re going to just pick and chose every time the Court lean Right or Left. Pretty sure that’s not what the Founders had in mind Puerto rico soft sherpa blanket NOW THIS is what will take our constitutional rights away!! COMPLETELY ignoring the separation of church and state!! Pack The court… If trump wins the election the US wont be a democracy anymore They released this info now to galvanize homophobic Trump supporters. They’re desperate and doing every cruel and/or ignorant thing they can to get voters riled up.

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Puerto rico soft sherpa blanket- queen

So they rather have women do abortion themselfs like back in the day or what, in staid of being able to go to a doctor.
Thats what they said about Chief Justice Roberts and just look how that turned out. Anyone who believes these blanket generalizations from the likes of CNN are really being misled in order to drive their DNC inspired agenda. Always remember..THIS..…
Handmaid’s Tale in the making

Puerto rico soft sherpa blanket- king

How soon he forgets that black marriage was also illegal. Too much time around white people now he thinks he’s white. What a waste of a soul.
If it wasn’t for the Supreme Court, Thomas wouldn’t be married to his white wife.
The GOP: we are all for equal rights for everyone and when we say everyone we mean white straight men. Everyone, yeah sorry about that.
Why do you guys care so much? It’s not your life. Whether or not two guys decide to get married doesn’t affect you.

She is a one-eyed monster. Justices of the Supreme courts should not qualify if they are one eyed. Such
What has happened to free choice in this country
Not everyone believes the same way! You believe what you want, but dont decide for others
Rather than build their own time machines, the Republican Party and its constituents are determined to drag us back to the early 1900s the hard way while the Democrats idly watch it happen.

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