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The Great Wall is the only man-made structure visible from space. There are a few changes in this popular comment, and they are all wrong. Astronauts can recognize the Great Wall from low orbit, along with many other structures such as the pyramid of Giza and even the runway. But they couldn’t see the Wall from the moon. Decipher the most common mysteries. Humans use only 10% of the brain. This information has been around for at least a century. Puerto rico hawaiian shirt. But fortunately, it’s not true at all. MRI scans have made it clear – people put most of the cortex into a state of useful activity, even during naps. Decipher the most common mysteries. Water flows backwards in the southern hemisphere due to the rotation of the earth. Not only is the earth’s rotation force too weak to affect the direction of water in a pipe, tests you can easily do yourself in a sink will show that the water swirls in both dependent directions. into the tank structure, not the hemisphere.

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