POSTER SWIMMING Be strong be brave be humble be badass


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My favourite and Your smile Ufff my favourite . This is an indescribable beauty, beautiful. Love Anne-Marie I was so happy when I met her in person at fusion festival last year. Cool, can we get some new music now?. favourite smile. undefined. Its always U. babe. Love from Iraq . Mary, sweetheart, I hear you all the time, I love you so much.. Anne-Marie you are glamorous beautiful and pretty.. My favorite singer so excited I love you . undefined. You looks gorgeous. Beautiful and soooo talented…Love you to bits gorgeous. Sending love from Poland xx. This is awesome the best singer. You looks fricking beautiful girl.. The reason behind my smiles. The no.of people who wanna say they love you . One of the most beautiful voice. I have ever heard. Love from Bangladesh. . I love you Anne Marie. you look so lovely… you are my best artists POSTER SWIMMING Be strong be brave be humble be badass

POSTER SWIMMING Be strong be brave be humble be badass

POSTER SWIMMING Be strong be brave be humble be badass 3

Love you my angel . Love her voice . Im a fan from philippines, its my birthday today i hope i get some video greet from my favorite singer i love all of your songs anne marie. NICE SONG ANNE MARIE. I love you . Big fan of Sikkim Nepali Anne Marie . Love it and love you anne -Marie . Anne Marie. She’s my biggest fan but so sad she don’t know that I exist . Coz baby now I’m older! . Waiting for you anne. love you . Love your song too much. Love you so much . Love..u Anne Marie so much…I really love this song..u should just come over!!!. Where is Annie Marie . lovely. I love you Anne Marie . Big fan from philipines. Gorgeous . Always my love . Where’s Anne . I felt really sad in the past few days and wanted to call it quit. But surprisingly I got a way out. I’m so lucky and right now, I feel like the happiest girl on earth. One of my acquaintances introduced me to guy who helped me recover all my losses. T… See More POSTER SWIMMING Be strong be brave be humble be badass

POSTER SWIMMING Be strong be brave be humble be badass

POSTER SWIMMING Be strong be brave be humble be badass 2

Lots of love from Kenya. Big fan from India .and lots of love from India. According to me there is nothing which is better than AM. Your fans club form in india. I think am your biggest fan . Love you always Annie.. Rewrite the stars is still my best song ever. Lots of love from . Anne-Marie . Your the best singer in the world. Looking dame cute…….. Anne Marie ua smile is worth than everything u my biggest crush 4rever love u sooooo much. Anne-Marie no words can describe how your music are so awesome .and how you’re beautiful ,I wish u all the happiness for the rest of your life and I hope u read my msj love u . Anne Marie. First . Love your song and love you anne maria. Love . Anne-MarieAnne-MarieAnne-Marie I love it . I love you dear. Love you from nigeria

POSTER SWIMMING Be strong be brave be humble be badass 1

The song is a ‘heat of the moment’ song. That feeling when someone has screwed you over in some way and you’re so angry you feel like nothing is off the cards. That’s happened to everybody. I think the biggest lesson is that time heals all wounds and t… See More. Anne Marie you are extra cute babe. Great show at Glastonbury – so excellent. She the best thing since sliced bread x. Your amazing voice and very kind lovely person and always looking amazing. Hi ann. Aside from being cute,what do u do for a living?. Love you. My fav of all time
My fav lady singer. Ever night before I go to sleep I listene your voice. Don’t know I am in love with you or not. But don’t know why I miss you . Then think about your life and realized that you are happy with your life and simple within.

I love your song most
because you are the best. When Anne Marie smile
FAN FROM NEPAL. Look so gorgeous . Can’t wait so excited . Hey September come fast
I can’t wait. I am so excited too and for the V festival too can’t wait for it . I wanna see you without beauty effect. just natural you are fabulous . I LOVE YOU SOOO MUUUCH, ANNE-MARIE . I can’t wait to watch you live my heart Queen Anne Anne-MarieAnne-MarieAnne-Marie. Live in BBC radio love u. great, I’ll be there to hear it . I can’t wait my Karate and singing Queen . Love anne marie. I started following BBC radio for you Anne Marie. Looking so beautiful without heir. Can’t wait. It’s so exciting. I love you Anne Marie the most in the world. So pretty Anne. Anne-Marie . Anne-Marie I had sent you a letter threw DHL, no one is available at fan mail address! Bcz of that shippent has been kept on hold …they asking me to provide for receiver mobile number… Could you please check out once

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