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Absolutely shocked and sad that the actor who brought his career to life as Jackie Robinson, James Brown and of course T’Challa/Black Panther has been taken away way too soon. 2020 seems to be another tragic year for celebrities and good people around the world, R.I.P Chadwick we will all truly miss you. Poster Rip Black Panther Chadwick Boseman 1976 2020.  Omg I’m in such shock & disbelief. My prayers go out to his family. He was, I can’t believe I’m saying was.. a brilliant actor & man. Wow life is so uncertain. It’s a sad day today. We loss a tremendous actor. Chadwick boseman you will be remembered throughout history as a inspirational hero in our hearts and minds. WAKANDA FOREVER!!! Rest. In. Paradise

Poster Rip Black Panther Chadwick Boseman 1976 2020

I am genuinely saddened by this news. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the movies he was in, and I was hoping he would have a long and successful career. We’ve lost a good man in dire times, and I wish his family the best. Now this news here is really hitting me hard. Being a native and current resident of Anderson SC I’m broken. Poster Rip Black Panther Chadwick Boseman 1976 2020Chad is a great person. Yes, I said is because to be absent from the body does not mean he doesn’t still live. Chad you are a great inspiration to not only Anderson South Carolina. You’re a inspiration to the world. I hate I’m going to have to inform my children of this news. Peace and Love to the Boseman family.

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