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Robin Nicoles Poster Motorcycles Happiness Isn’t Around The Corner It Is Corner I didn’t win. . Paz y Bien Jonathan. May the Good Lord Jesús who Is to arrive in our hearts, bless you always and protect you all. I am a religious Sister in the mountains of the state of Guerrero México working with the poorest of the poor. Our houses aré made of ado… See More. This is Wonderful, you guys are the best.. BEAUTIFUL PICTURE OF THE. Sarah Hooper. Kimberlee Licht. You two are absolutely adorable!! . Terri Counihan. Would be cool if I ever got a chance to own my dream home and remodel it with you guys. But that’s just a dream. Urszula Grazyna Bremer. Been waiting to find out what gender your babies are!!! Can’t wait!!!. Tereza Negrão. Look at those smiles. Felisitas Rivero. Robin Nicoles. Felisitas Rivero. You are the best love all you shows. No live in uk not eligible either. I like your Christmas hat

Poster Motorcycles Happiness Isn’t Around The Corner It Is Corner

Poster Motorcycles Happiness Isn't Around The Corner It Is Corner 1

Wonderful renovation! Poster Motorcycles Happiness Isn’t Around The Corner It Is Corner Wonderful relationship! Glad for both of them…they seem to be well suited (well except for that height difference …sure they can work that out! . Susan Savard. I laughed more during this episode than any other! You guys are so cute together!!. You guys nailed it. Zoey mat have a second job waiting for her.. You make a great couple. It showed when I was watching the show. No pictures yet with her kids. A picture of all 4 of you would be nice to see.. Loved that fabulous banquette!!! . My best friend & my mom used greys, black & pink as accents in the late 70’s, early 80’s!. Robin Nicoles. Was cute to see you two interact with each other…nice to see you guys happy. Really enjoyed the show.So down to earth and natural.. I loved the show! What a transformation. Zooey fit right in. Looked like the demo was a little tough for her! Loved the new design. Great show.

Poster Motorcycles Happiness Isn’t Around The Corner It Is Corner

Poster Motorcycles Happiness Isn't Around The Corner It Is Corner 3

You are ALWAYS a winner in our eyes, #JonathanSilverScott!!!
You wonderful guys are so generous and giving! Just the spirit we need right now. Merry Christmas to all the Scott clan! May you all stay safe, well, and Blessed during this holiday season! . then you reciprocate by having a show called At Home with Jonathan and Zooey, where you hand out gifts as well!. Monica Paola Paredes Maravi. Merry Christmas to the entire Scott family. We know family means everything to you. Stay safe. Maybe if covid goes away, I will finally get to meet you all. You are all so talented and lots of fun to watch. God bless all.. I have been enjoying the shows several times over and over for years. Great picture. Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year. You two are so cute. Have a very merry Christmas. This is wonderful! How do you sign up. Our house caught on fire 12- 12- 2020. We would be so grateful!

Poster Motorcycles Happiness Isn't Around The Corner It Is Corner 2

Merry Christmas . Adore you both! Loved your story and gorgeous wedding. And the house, breathtaking. Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas and a Happy and healthy New Year! Stay safe. You guys are adorable. Happy Holidays and God bless. Mari Niblett Elmore. Mônica Alvarenga Alvarenga. Merry Christmas to you & your family, my wife & I love your shows. Rosemary De Moura. Love you guys you are so awesome, would love a tiny house for me n my furbaby. Staying with one off my son for now.im 66.My ex,husband abandoned me after 25 years .i been homeless sad but truth praying.. I admire your work and I don’t miss your programs as much as I would like to have money so that you can do something to me like a beautiful friend. Fantastic what you do. Greetings from Montería Córdoba Colombia. I love youre show it’s a been a year I view all youre shows…i love you and youre twin brother…keep safe…

Where are you Christmas, From How the Grinch Stole Christmas is my favorite Christmas song ever. . 1. Do you hear what I hear
2. Winter wonderland. Mary Did You Know, Rockin Around the Christmas Tree, Silver Bells, Little Drummer Boy, It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas.. My all time fave is “We Need A Little Christmas ” it is so me just after thanksgving…in a hurry. But I’m really into Meal is Odom jr…New album. Mônica Alvarenga Alvarenga. I want a hippopotamus for christmas, Marshmallow world, Dominick the Christmas donkey, Chipmunk’s Christmas don’t be late, Baby its cold outside.. I feel childish saying this but Dominic the Donkey always makes me smile as it makes me think about happy times growing up. I love all the classics that have been mentioned already, I need to look up a few specific ones now. Merry Christmas everyone!. I like Zoe’s She & Him Christmas album. And Harry Connick Jr. They should do an duet. Their voices are SO buttery smooth!

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