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Mr President thank you for this news Poster Hippie glasses girl You are M speechless with this action of urs . What did we do to ever deserve you??? Thank you from the bottom of my heart. . We went from the Best President in my lifetime to the Worst. Thanks for Changing the World.. I hope the African communities may Benefit from this great fundation.. You two are the best we have ever had as President and First Lady! We Love you both so much!. ALL PEOPLE IN THE WORLD LOVE YOU PRESIDENT BARRACK OBAMA…. I’m British and have lived through all the POTUSs since JFK. Barack Obama stands on the shoulders of them all as the greatest of my lifetime. He is intelligent, articulate, empathetic & conciliatory. Everything that his egotistical narcissistic success… See More. Teach me to dream. Pray for uganda because the president ordered police to shoot whosoever doesn’t support him and his presidential aspirants opponents are man handled by the police which is compromised by his rotten regime

Poster Hippie glasses girl You are

Poster Hippie glasses girl You are 1

I’ve got the audiobook and can’t wait to get started listening. Though to be honest I’d be happy to listen to you read the phone book.. Great.. I start the audio book yesterday…my god how I miss hearing complete sentences from a president!. I am thoroughly enjoying listening to his voice.. I bought the paper version, but I’d love to hear him read it to me!. I bought the hardcover book but I’m thinking I really need to listen to The audio version!. My 13 year old is reading/listening to it now and he Loves it. . The greatest president of the United States ever, you are everyone’s role model. You are always the best for me. An excellent book, no matter how you engage with it.. I look forward to listening to this when it comes to my library!. I asked my daughter for a copy for Christmas and suggested she get it autographed Poster Hippie glasses girl You are

Poster Hippie glasses girl You are

Poster Hippie glasses girl You are 2

When it’s safe again, we hope you will come up to Baltimore to our wonderful Ivy Bookstore!. Very Great @ Buying books is a benefit for those who bought them, as well as a benefit for the owner of the company, especially small companies, in order to benefit from profits and become large @ I mean if we buy from them one or more , From books We … See More. We have the neatest little book store in Oakes, ND and she sells all assortment of books. Her store is called “Sweets and Stories” she also sells ice cream and candy, does a great business, such an asset to our little town.. What a wonderful idea! I’m running a bookstore in Switzerland and guess what? We sold your book today 5 times…. For our little town quit a deal!!!. Wow,you never cease to amaze me. I’m Canadian but I’ve always loved you. You remind me of my mentor,Tommy Douglas,the Father of Medicare in Canada. Take care of yourself and your family.

You are a Champion and your family gives me hope for this great country. Thank you all for your service and for your passion for all people.. You, Michelle too, have a voice that is soothing to listen to. Love your audiobooks . Received your audiobook as a gift from my husband. Listening to it now. Your narration is magnificent. I must admit, there were some parts, where I got emotional and teary eyed. How we all miss you Mr. President! Good bless . I am loving your audiobook. It’s so calming to listen to your voice. But sometimes it makes me sad that we had such a great president and we didn’t know it at the time. Thank you for all you did for us and I wish you a long, happy and relaxed life alon… See More. I am excited to listen to the audio. I bought that version because I find your voice very calming. Thank you!

Absolutely Sir!
Never let down small business because “It’s small drops that maketh the OCEAN!” … See More. You have always been a great model to emulate. Keep inspiring Mr Obama.. Support Small Businesses
Support Egyptian writers . Look at all those beautiful smiles from every angle. I am wondering what jokes President Obama had said. November 28,2020 I had a dream me and my cousin Sheriff Alpha were with Obama and Biden, funnily enough Obama was running up an open quiet space to… See More. Very good advice Mr. President even though today, social networks prevent us from being active in bookstores to read educational books. Your time and time today are not comparable unfortunately. You are the best president that USA has known . And what better book to order than “A Promised Land”.
Thank you for using your talents, developing your gifts and working hard for our world, Mr. President.

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