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Let’s all support the Democratic endeavors and donate to their elections.. Reclaim America, vote blue vote for Ossoff and Warnock. Vote blue. One more time Georgia makes it a victory lap. Vote Blue.. All Georgians let’s send this 2Senators in Congress let’s make a change for the best. DEAR JESUS, please do not let these people win. Evil has overtaken our country. Democrats have lost their values, their love for our country and they do not care for Americas people. They are crooks who are against God and all things good.. Hahaha!! The videos released today prove you never need to be registered to vote, they will just materialize votes for you! Hope you don’t think it will be that easy this time!!!. Disappointed in you, Obama. Defund the police is not a slogan, it’s necessary to preserving the lives of Black youth.. In America there are so many people who support Democrat party and felling pleasure due to the fact that Democrat party is really a helpful to the indigenous… Poster Elephant Be strong be brave poster

Poster Elephant Be strong be brave poster

Poster Elephant Be strong be brave poster 3

You’re a good teacher by trying so hard to make a good team for American people.. It’s great to see decent, honest, patriotic Americans taking their place on the national stage — and displacing Republicans, who are none of those things (especially their candidates).. I almost want those two to lose, only because if/when they win, you’ll have Republicans crying about voter fraud for that election too and endless recounts and talk bout how “The media can’t pick winners of elections”. In today’s world, if you don’t li… See More. Remember what their opponents did, when they found out about covid a inside trade which is illegal by the way, they sold their stocks, they profited on dead Americans! They shouldn’t even be in office! They don’t care about the us citizens, they only s… See More. You are scared to speak the truth.or you are the lies…creating a better world for everyone is the only thing we should be working starts with.the truth.then forgiveness then Reconciliration. The mercy the peace love joy…england France spain B… See More Poster Elephant Be strong be brave poster

Poster Elephant Be strong be brave poster

Poster Elephant Be strong be brave poster 2

will some one tell me what the voting is for dec 7 and Jan 5,I am from Canada and you seem to have lots of election going on .???. Wait!!! You’re supposed to be secretly locked up in Guantanamo Bay. No, really. While responding to a mainstream Christian FB page, that is obviously biased FOR Trump, and the conspiracy, which they are buying into, this is what they were saying. They … See More. Change can only come when We The People speak out! This Senate race is Just as IMPERATIVE as the General Election was!. You’re great, but please … take some heartfelt advice from Europe … please move more left (towards AOC/Sanders) … no shame in doing that … Thank you.. This man is back! Lock him up, he helped Biden win by fraud. Now he i s back! Trouble!!!. I just donated to both of their campaigns. Please, people, donate. Even small donations matter.

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Make sure you continue to “Defund the Police”. You’re a fraud and a joke, and anybody with half a brain knows this by now. Why don’t you write another lame book about yourself (you have like 4 of them now . Vote blue! Vote for normal regular smart people who care about Georgia and not themselves. It’s vital & important that Biden & Harris control the Senate to have an impactful leadership to the American people.. Help ugandans to change leadership . One man for 35yrs and stiiill wants to rule more. Both men have great plans and policies that will bring back America fully on track. Enabling a pure green energy, boosting small scale business, putting family first, promoting human and gender rights and also protecting the affordable care act. Vote B… See More. Change is a coming, people are voting and Georgia is turning Blue, vote Blue and it will happen.

En vogue!. Everyone has to know that you are wonderful, from what little I know you, you have shown to have a beautiful humility. Listening to an author read their own words, really enhances those words. Usually, I’m an avid reader of words, but listening to your book has been even more powerful. I’m so happy you did an audio version.. I bought the hardcover book for my personal library. But I also got the audio book so I could hear it in your voice. And I am so glad I did. I often listen when I walk or run outside and I am sure I have a smile as you’re speaking like Teddy Kennedy or… See More. Could listen to you speak for ever. Your intonation and empathy whether speaking in front of an audience or audio touches my heart and so many more. . I’m listening to it now and LOVE it! It’s 29 hours and totally worth it–President Obama’s narration is amazing, and I love hearing his story told through his own voice.

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