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Drjohnemil FaridPlease we want a song about peace between nations and between each other as brothers3 . Johan VermeulenSometimes Im a little bit down and thinkin about adding affirmations in my life, but since I naturally have a very big ego affirmations are not really adding something 3 . Catherine TysverWhen she said enough her movie came up in my mind. Loved that movie!!!1 . Metin CaylaWhen l am going 2 have 500 million in bank same as you l’ll be positive like to dear.7 . Edwin HernandoPowerful, wealthy and famous individual can easily say that. But when your stmach aches, you got thoughts on your head like how will i feed my family now, the company I’m working got shut down. I tried send numerous job applications and still no respon… See more2 . Top fanCharandas SwaniYou are wonderful, I do not know of the world but be an inspiration to me, you are an example and greatest person in today’s era.1  Police Star Back The Blue Doormat

Police Star Back The Blue Doormat

Jamia NoellahMini Fashionista Jamia Noellah AFRICA 17 . Sabella CarneyWHEN ARE YOU COMING TO VEGAS TO PERFORM AGAIN??? In two weeks, this part Puerto Rican will be posing on the Vegas strip “as” a stunning Showgirl for tourists!!!4 . Steve Ice…we’ll never meet each other… not a single chance that your eyes will fall on this comment as well…but… love and hapiness.. is all I deeply wish you… Take care Jen. S.3 . Maureen PhiriI really love you JLo but please this time around the next man that will come into your life should be your future husband and the father to your beautiful children You are not getting any younger you need to settle down now…19 . Candy DomenechLove the outfit and the shoes, beautiful5 . Dennis NovickYes you’re beautiful that’s obvious but you’re also a very talented actor, as the movies you’ve been in demonstrate and a very nice person which came across when you did your stint on American Idol. 8  Police Star Back The Blue Doormat

Police Star Back The Blue Doormat

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