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I’m just keeping asking WY did the Corona took so long to get here? So simple so easy to make it and it have make sow many big humans so rich and do u know what even has end it the Terrorism. . Yes kudos to Bill and Melinda Gates! They are the change! Thank you thank you thank you!. Guys be thankful to Mr.Bill Gates sir. Think because of his awareness many people are lucky today in this world. Listen what he saying. Just imagine how much he has donated to support Covit 19. Simply don’t push your negative things. Tribute to Bill and Melinda Gates and foundation for creative contribution…His inventions have changed the world to better life… Homeless…inCOVID ICU….We require HFNO …to save lives..not available…. I don’t understand, bill gates is one of the few billionaires TRYING to do the world better. But no, all this effort will be nullified by Christians neglecting him. Pole Dance Be strong be brave be humble be badass poster

Pole Dance Be strong be brave be humble be badass poster

Pole Dance Be strong be brave be humble be badass poster 1

Albert Einstein said then he does not know how the 3rd world war will take place but i can tell you that the 4th will be made with sticks and stones;,, Do you thing that one day excessive technology will destroy us or we we will just get tired and want… See More. Nor has your lust for money and power and control despite the consequences for others.. That soundtrack . I just guess the funding for corona virus might hav come from Bill gates foundation to make every work from home like what he told in his book to make people used to the virtaul world for the business of gates to use their software/ products… Hello Bill, I would like to invite you to take a closer look at topics such as Super Antibiotics, Neuron Growth Factors, and Bioavailable High Molecular Weight Mimetics. I have just presented my work, which I hope brings the emergence of these groups o… See More Pole Dance Be strong be brave be humble be badass poster ACADEMIA.EDU Pseudo complex compounds on biopolymers. High-molecular bioavailable substances, neuronal growth factors, super antibiotics.

Pole Dance Be strong be brave be humble be badass poster

Pole Dance Be strong be brave be humble be badass poster 3

Also time taken, availability of charging points and cost for completing a full charging cycle…. I already own an electric car – Chev. Will buy another electric car in about 3 years. Love it!. Dear bill gates, please also focus how electricity needed to recharge is generated. In Germany for example many coal-based power plants, in France nuclear. We can make batteries greener but if everyone turns to electric cars the power plants cannot kee… See More. A wide range of technologies is now available to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. These include improved efficiency, storing carbon and a variety of renewable energy solutions. These technologies have already been implemented at industrial scale. Clima… See More. I immediately switched it to my subject of interest as the human car needs of such battery for every clutches and fleches as to build in the thought.. Good man Bill stick to technology and stop trying to be the big cheese in medicine

Pole Dance Be strong be brave be humble be badass poster 2

Bill gates is not human but he is . What the world does in the next few months is to really be serious about thinking about going to Calif. To live because a POPE a long time ago invited everyone to mass in Calif. ( what’s so special about Calif. ). A detailed analysis of the current Covid situation worldwide…albeit very frustrating as it shows how the US was and still is under-prepared.. Wrong, he is philanthropist and he has helped millions around the world. He doesn’t need your money of help.. People are either selfish or poor – so gotta work in crowds. Vaccine only way forward. Get in that lab Mr Gates.. Thank you Bill and Melinda Gates for your enormous contributions to humanity.. BILL GATES IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE COVID 19 “PLANDEMIC”!!!. I am not sure that a lot of bad people around here in my life have anything relating to covid19 or not but i think it’s not. Even covid19 disappear, these bad people maybe not. For me, they are worse than this disease. Bad people are the worst kind of … See More

Can not find its stock on robinhood??????. Interesting. We need these efforts to protect further harm to our environment. Indeed we are behind time. On your philanthropy programs, please remember Africa and other struggling regions of the world as those parts may pull these efforts back if not … See More. Thank You, this is a good idea and excellent, which leads to the development of technology scientific approach.. But the issue of recycling does not solve.. Wind energy will always be a substitute charging car batteries…as the car will move it will produce wind energy helping in charging batteries…it could be a part of design of a car…free car charging lifetime. You don’t see electric vehicles once you leave the coastal areas. We drove from mammoth to Missoula and did not see any charging stations and in some areas no gas stations.. There are obviously advantages with these batteries, but we also need to consider how to recycle them and also the environmental effect of strip mining, if that’s what is done. Any progress with the advancement of batteries is much needed!

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