Bidens family business partner was on TV last night telling the world that Joe Biden’s family received millions from China and other countries that are not friendly with the USA. He sold his VP for millions. The media is covering for him. Plausible Deniability. This is nothing close to Nixon. It is so much worse.. GOP is running scared.they know they are up the sh*t creek without a paddle. Once at the Supreme Court, “Trump’s” judges can’t be fired so they don’t necessarily have to please him… Especially to cheat an election and have him whining and pressuring them for another 4 years . Why don’t we have a consistent voting strategy for every state? Good land!? . When it comes to federal elections, why are the elections not necessarily federal? There should be consistent rules that each state has to abide by on a federal level?? At what point did this seem crazy?? Pokemon pikachu christmas sweater and jumper

Pokemon pikachu christmas sweater

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Wheres all the news on the left about Joe and Hunter Biden’s multi-billion dollar windfall while Joe Biden was on official business paid for by the American taxpayer and the list of 26,000 emails of proof? Joe Biden has been a politician for 47 years … . Actually the state governors are in charge of Covid responses but this is misinformation CNN so. Why is cuomo laughing at a young guy that died of covid. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1318585958336894&id=100005565066876. If Doctors were in charge, Trump would have been involuntarily confined to a nut house a long time ago.. So when did the Orange turd get a doctor degree? Only degree Trump has is Con Artist.. @CNN alerted me that Biden is at 54%. Pokemon pikachu christmas sweater and jumper Is this 54% of electoral or popular votes?. WHY ISNT JOE BIDEN BEING ASKED TO ANSWER SPECIFIC QUESTIONS ABOUT TONY BOBULINSKI STATEMENTS WHICH HAVE BEEN AUTHENTICATED IN EMAILS AND TEXT MESSAGES AND WHICH THE FBI ARE INVESTIGATING. WHY IS THE MEDIA GIVING BIDEN A PASS ON THIS

Pokemon pikachu christmas sweater

Pokemon pikachu christmas sweater- pic 2

The election virus plandemic failed uncle pedophile Joe..its over.. Where’s the Biden story?. I hope they all go to jail. Lock them all up. The most corrupt family in America.. Let’s take a reality check at 82+ if corrupt Joe can medically make it that long would be finishing a first term unless impeached and jailed and a second term at 86+. I know older people his age that voluntarily gave up their driver’s license because … . Where is the pandemic where are the 228,000 funerals haven’t seen one all year Kamala Harris said there is like over 200 million people dead she is an absolute clown and a headache to most. Who is this guy, no one elected him and it is a sham he has so much influence over the American people in his so call advisor to the president role.. The virus
is at the end of days. Just like Biden and Obama and Harris they are the anti christ 666. 666. Devil

This is crazy-makes no sense-why don’t they say they can be counted for 2 weeks, for a month ridiculous!. We have been having elections for hundreds of years, we currently have better technology than any other election before. Why is there a wait, was there a wait every election before now?. Proof please, citations, evidence, sources….ANYTHING!. Welcome to America…quit youre whining ppl.. Funny thing is this hurts Repugnant Party more since they think they must vote on election day. So funny.. The criminal is your guy. You’ve got it twisted.. Corruption reigns among the left. We’ll… There it is…. Open fraud. Here we go!!. Where’s the report on this CNN? https://www.foxnews.com/…/anonymous-trump-official-cnn…
‘Anonymous’ anti-Trump official revealed as CNN pundit Miles Taylor, who lied about writing NYT op-ed. In other news, the Biden crime family is exposed! https://www.c-span.org/video/?477307-1/tony-bobulinski-statement-hunter-biden&fbclid=IwAR1CSa_vMMeSFCNwGdVN_jv_fkEOD-WkonSDVchrfDwUhRdKnNMgAK3XyTg
Tony Bobulinski Statement on Hunter Biden. I think that’s the prudent decision. Larry Loomis….ignorant much???. Very interesting story about the Biden crime family. Tucker Carlson covered it and other real news is covering it. Why aren’t you? And why aren’t you covering the truth about Hunter Biden’s laptop?

I smell a rat. Voters need to hand deliver their ballots or vote in person. Dont rely on this because they may very well not count any ballot not received by election day.. You can’t trust them! They will change the ruling just in time to not count your ballot. Vote in person or bring to a drop box.. The Penn legislature has the decision not the state court , dems have hired a 1000 lawyers. Trump 2020 for sure. Trump is much stronger today than in 2016. CNN’s unfair treatment of Trump made me a strong Trump from knowing nothing about politics before 2016.. Election is on November 3rd. All votes coming in after that date shouldn’t be counted. Sorry. Vote in person or send it earlier.. where is Hunter. Live: Philadelphia Protests & RIOTS National Guard IS COMING (10/28/2020) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xfMCTF3xzXA
Live: Breonna Taylor BLM vs Proud Boys Protests (10/6/2020)

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