Pittsburgh steelers energy skinny tumbler


wtf… who is actually surprised by this? he’s been a clown since day 1, [most of us] didn’t need his taxes to prove it. Pittsburgh steelers energy skinny tumbler Did he break tax laws or just take advantage of the system? I try to pay as little as possible too. Finally, the wheels are really coming off. The debate on Tuesday should be a corker. And this is the reason why Trump will win again. BIASED NEWS!! Just when the debate is about to start.

Pittsburgh steelers energy skinny tumbler

Pittsburgh steelers energy skinny tumbler- pic 1

He was hiding something he still is hiding something just imagine if he was truthful and transparent and upright standing man he probably would handle things a lot different but because he’s not any of those it’s about to come down on him Pittsburgh steelers energy skinny tumbler And your listening to CNN , Can you imagine if this was Biden faux news would be losing their minds, tRump would be calling for a full investigation, his supporters would say Biden is the biggest fraud in America. However, since its tRump, they’re all saying he’s a “good busines… Which pretty much anybody with a half decent brain in their head already knew… and the others have always been hopeless. Pittsburgh steelers energy skinny tumbler You folks don’t know the difference between personal income taxes and corporate taxes. Trump didn’t pay taxes bc he said he lost more than he made .. that’s a failed business man or he cooked the books and he’s a corrupt con man .. either way he’s a fraud Yall need to shut up and let him run the country he has done alot better that most of the others quit listening to fake news.

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