Don’t know how he’s allowed to make any decisions when he’s not even out of the woods and I’m sure he’s going to lose a lot of voters of the people that really need those stimulus checks. He did very well at the Townhall because he didn’t have someone constantly interrupting him. He actually got to answer questions. Trump is a pathetic little man! He just told his Moscow Mob to stop all stimulus talks until after the election! He thinks he can con the people into voting for him. Joe Biden, go on national TV and tell the American people that they should not buy int… . Dear Mr. Biden,. How many times did Lester have to put Biden back on topic ? I counted at least 7. And his answer to the girl who asked him about white supremacy was priceless. He completely forgot what he was talking about and started his “grandpa storytelling”. Pitbull Show me your pitties crocs crocband shoes

Pitbull Show me your pitties crocs crocband shoes

Pitbull Show me your pitties crocs crocband shoes- pic 1

I wear my mask at work daily. All day long.. I pray everyday that Biden wins this election, if not I am afraid the America we love is gone and my grandchildren will be the ones that will suffer the most.. Look forward to McDonalds $20.00 value meals.. Joe isn’t completely useless, he can always be used as a bad example! Pitbull Show me your pitties crocs crocband shoes Play GIF. How can he change America and the economy when they want everything shut down??? Joe, you had 47 years to make America great but you claim that it can be done by you in 4 years??? It took Trump lesss than 4 years!!!. Joe, don’t debate Trump in person for round 2. At all costs, protect yourself from covid. Our country needs you.. He is such a fraud , will say anything to get a vote exactly what is he gonna do for people last I checks low income gets 204 in food stamps and still does under trump . Obama and Biden did nothing and had 8 years to make some good changes

Pitbull Show me your pitties crocs crocband shoes

· 22:11
God bless you for your words on unity and equality. May God give us all the strength to get through this together. I voted for you today in Indiana .
· 16:20.
· 13:36.
· 0:00
Jacqui Viale here is a message to hold dear to your heart

SHAKE MY HEAD: Joe Biden the president has no intercourse.
· 10:08.
· 10:51.
· 12:02.
· 15:13.
· 7:12.
· 5:08.
· 19:06.
· 4:27.
· 12:18.
· 11:45
Blue Wave 2020! Go Joe & Kamala! Restore dignity, and.
· 7:53.
· 18:14.
· 14:10
Ive been PREACHING this!.
· 7:07.
· 2:28.
· 2:38.
· 14:07.
· 8:59.
· 9:52.
· 5:42.
· 0:00.
· 12:22
God Bless those who bring Unity Not Division .
· 1:53

A republic, madame, if you can keep it”.. I didnt realize how much Texas is a tossup state. Vote Blue!. I placed my mail-in ballot in the brand new ballot box today. I can’t describe how that felt. Had I not been out in publicI would have done a crazy happy dance. I have not voted in the last 2 elections, due to health issues. Mail in voting was … . My Vote-By-mail is already to be counted . We have to win our country back, be strong guys. Have faith Joe will help us and pull us through this.. REGISTERED AND WILL VOTE BLUE TICKET ALL CHOICES,. If you are not elected, who will be elected? My choice for continuing American equality and brotherhood is Biden. Saying no one wants you Joe Biden…its not true…its a straight up lie…
Many Americans want you to win the Presidency. American voters will be voting for you as well as Trump. Childish comments on both sides get us nowhere..

Well it wasn’t better when you and Obama were in office so I doubt it would be any different under Harris/Biden. That town hall was a joke!!. Biden Harris 2020 for honesty, compassion and leadership! We haven’t had any of that for 4 years!. Lovel what he said to those little girls in Miami I’ll come back and see I’m four years to dance. About the only thing you can change are your depends!. Joe cheating again.NBC News portrayed voters as being “undecided” during a town hall event for Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden last night, but some of them had already declared their support for Biden on the network’s sister channel, MSNBC… . Please dont debate Trump in the same building or anywhere near him! You can’t afford to get Covid and no doubt he’s highly infectious. Let him spread it amongst his own cronies and lap dogs, not to our next President!!

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