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Looking forward to reading this. You are a shining light for progressive politics around the world. Barack Obama. Just started reading the book. Thus far I like it. Impressed by the objectivity. Awesome you gave those kids free copies. Free knowledge is almost always a net positive for society.. Beautiful. Thank you Mr President Obama. You always have caring words of wisdoms. Thank you for bringing that energy to humanity. You and your family are Special. Many blessings, always.. I just bought your book and I am looking forward to your sanity and compassion during this “challenging” time.. What a wonderful and thoughtful thing to do. Providing access to good literature to our young adults will further open minds to different perspectives.. You are a great president and a real inspiration for us all you made America the greatest nation when you were at the White House we felt that we were respected and honored I wish you could be our president again Pitbull Boxing Be strong be brave be humble poster

Pitbull Boxing Be strong be brave be humble poster

Pitbull Boxing Be strong be brave be humble poster 1

it’s so hard for me to understand why anyone would risk their families lives just to eat… man, get on zoom!!! grow up people.. i want to enjoy MANY years with my family.. I tested positive for covid yesterday. We wear our masks and sanitize all the time. No idea where we picked this up from. My husband had symptoms and I did not. Today is a different story. Stay home and keep you peers and loved ones safe.. Thank you for your awareness! As the nurse in this photo, not a day goes by that I don’t think about this day. Our unit continues to flood with Covid patients. We need more people to understand the grave reality of our situation and take this virus ser… See More. I am a oncology nurse so not a first line responder. But I am staying home safe celebrating with my only son. My patients cannot afford to get sick ! Please All, stay safe at home ! Pitbull Boxing Be strong be brave be humble poster

Pitbull Boxing Be strong be brave be humble poster

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We hear you. We are listening. This is the first year in my lifetime as an adult, my husband and I are spending it alone. Seventeen people were at our last Thanksgiving; but this year us and a much smaller turkey. Be safe everyone. There are phones and… See More. Many generations were asked to sacrifice their lives to protect our freedom. Skipping an extended Thanksgiving and staying home is very small in comparison.. I am doing Curbside for my family, They pull up and get their plate and keep it moving. Once everyone is ready for dinner we will get on Zoom bless the food and enjoy. #staysafe. My family chose to cancel the family gathering this year and so we will probably cancel all Mardi Gras activities as well for next year. I’d rather we meet when we’re healthier not potentially contagious. We’re all in this together! Happy Thanksgiving … See More
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I’ve been listening, and doing what I can. Very small Thanksgiving will be virtual. Stay well everyone. Please listen to the science experts to keep you and others safe.. Thank-you Mr. President. This is such an important article. Our healthcare workers need you to stat home if you can. I am teaching virtually this year. Yesterday one of my students stayed after and told me that he was upset because it felt like his … See More. My family will be just three miles away but due to my compromised immune system and medical situation I will be eating my Turkey at home. We will Skype dinner together. I want to be alive next thanksgiving.. Absolutely! We are going to phone call family and friends on the holidays, and be thankful we are still here to do so. Many people are not as fortunate and my heart goes out to them.

There was a time when americans stood up to the challenge and sacrificed. But now its what’s in it for me?. Thank you for your wisdom! You are truly appreciated in this time when everything seems so unsure. We love and miss you Mr. President.. Republicans are so brave. They stand toe to toe. No masks, no social distancing. They are so brave when they go to the hospital. When the ventilators are installed. When the gurney’s take them to the morgue. Their families are so brave. LOL, LOL… See More. Take a leaf out of our book. It Certainly would be nice if people would think of something besides having a BIG Thanksgiving… Gathering tomorrow..If you Do…. Staying home today, have to work as an RN this weekend and Thursday, doing our best to stay healthy.. Thank you so much!! It’s ridiculous how many people are refusing to cancel Thanksgiving and do the right thing

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