Probably all the pills . Why highjack a real concern and medical article for politics and fake news?. Sounds normal to me. The older I get, the less . Are we protecting Hunter and Joe on this sight also? Figures. I guess it isn’t a lie if you just turn your head. God is watching!. Thats why I joined a FB group against Trump. It keeps your brain sharp, keeps you engaged and some of the comments are so funny it also brings a lot of joy through laughter. You can’t take everything so seriously but you need passion.. Say like during oh idk a lockdown. Ask Nancy. She says you don’t know what your talking about”. Whew! Not sure about dementia, but the stupidity quotient is high here with these comments.. So basically becoming a Democrat is a bad thing!. We’re talking about Biden right?. Lol. At first I thought this was a story about Biden… my bad Pigs Welcome People Tolerated Doormat

Pigs Welcome People Tolerated Doormat

Pigs Welcome People Tolerated Doormat- pic 1

Us that what happened to Sleepy Joe?. Take the test Joe Biden. https://www.facebook.com/actionalz/ Pigs Welcome People Tolerated Doormat Alzheimers Association Nonprofit Organization. So this is what Joe Biden is suffering from then??? . A symptom of COVID so look out. Did CNN post this study to explain why Biden has so many cognitive blackouts?. Twitter and Facebook continue to try to fix the election. Corrupt!. no wonder they call trump dementia donny. I don’t really care one way or the other.. ASK JOE BIDEN, he would know!. Whatever. I couldn’t care less at this point.. Report on the bombshell tech is suppressing. Hunter Biden emails prove Joe involved.. Whats that? I couldn’t remember what I was reading Where’s Hunter?. Then get Joe out of the basement . You mean CNN like what lockdowns and isolation cause?. Oh what happened to the hunter Biden report today whoa breaking news didn’t see it on CNN. We gonna talk about Hunter?

Pigs Welcome People Tolerated Doormat

Poor family. Even while doing the right thing, if you are vulnerable with no health care you are doomed . Please know youre in my Prayer, during this difficult time, I Pray that our God give you Strength, Hope, and Encourage, during this period. God have you in the Palm of his hands.. So, sorry to hear this. May God comfort you and strengthen you brother at this difficult phase of life. We are standing with you in prayers.. May God be with him and give him and those of his family that survived Covid to be blessed first of all with a full and complete recovery and to give him the strength and courage to get him back in business one way or another in order to survive and ke… . Sorry for your loss, Sir I wish you well.. Lord have mercy some people can be so cruel even when someone is hurting and suffering, please if you have nothing good or comforting to say to this man, I wish you wouldn’t comment. If it was your family, I don’t think that you would like for anybody … See More

Lots of fake accounts/bots/trolls with heartless comments about the original post. I scroll past or hide them.. Oh please. Give it a rest. COVID-19 cases are exploding in Europe. Tell me how that is Trumps fault? I’ll wait. . Their the PROOF, all got infected w/ Covid-19 diseases.
He got infected but survived.
His father & seven other family members all them got infected & all died. . Why is CNN posted this about this poor family? CNN ridiculous. Couldn’t imagine if only people would wear masks. . If anybody believes trumps bs about the corona virus being harmless heres an example of why its bs. Still waiting for anywhere on this page to start talking about the hunter biden Joe Biden scandal right now.. Nothing about Hunter Bidens laptop and emails CNN??. So many millions of surviving fellow Americans are suffering like this. Enough!!. Poor guy. I guess he did t have access to Trumps army of doctors. Wonder what will happen when Trump takes away Obamacare and the 20M people enrolled? Vote Blue or there is more of this to come u see the dictator, king wannabe Trump

It is not your fault. It is trumps for spreading this virus. I am so sorry for your loss.. This is very difficult! How people can’t feel empathy for this family? . So sorry for you and your family. . This is the reason that we need a change in our leadership, vote Biden-Kamala. My heart goes out to you my brother.. The normal flu doesn’t overwhelm ICUs. Good morning Instagram selfie stick charging both vapes lol . This is why democrats are fighting so hard against judge Amy & trumps plan to stop the ACA. or, as Trumpsters call it, “Success.” . Hunter Biden laptop hard drive!. Meanwhile Nancy got downgraded by CNN for no deal in months! Get rid of Nancy and we get help. How come white people is not catching this virus .seems like black and brown catching all of it.white people people must have a different immune system

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