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I can’t even think about him today. Your family is in my thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. . Thank you President Trump and thank you Ivanka for leading the way for women business initiatives, raising families from poverty and the essential food programs you initiated. God Bless Martin Luther King.. A wonderful human being and a real patriot to the black American movement. I wonder if he’d be happy with American now?. I feel that King and your father would have gotten along great. Im wondering how many rioters who burned business and beat up people, will be marching today. They must be poud. Martin Luther King was a great man, he’s rolling over in his grave the way the Democrats are doing things.. Agree people (peoples) do. But you should not attend Biden being sworn in. Sorry big no no and somehow I don’t think peoples would be used by re actual Ivanka Trump Personalized Stay In Bed With My Cat Pillow

Personalized Stay In Bed With My Cat Pillow

Everyone should change their profile picture to the # 45 in honor of our GREAT President D. Trump!. Thank you for all the really great things you and POTUS have done for America.. Real America knows how hard you all worked! Never got any credit from the corrupt media.. Darin James. Democrats will probably start trying to take credit.. Yes!! This is the way to bring skill and innovation back to the US!. Thank you. You are a beautiful, brilliant, confident woman. One all girls should look for as a role model.. I love you trump family thank you for all your devotion to this country.. You must be preparing for a political run, those gibberish and lies you’ve been throwing out all day . Michelle Belschner Libert. You have done more than any administration in history. Anyone that watches any news has no idea what is really going on. Personalized Stay In Bed With My Cat Pillow

Personalized Stay In Bed With My Cat Pillow

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