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Luis Daniel Muñoz It’s time for free community health clinics, and expanded telemedicine coverage. 29 . American Union of Trump SupportersThis is what President Trump wanted but sadly now America has incompetent Biden instead. Nothing will get done.9 . David ColesLuis Daniel Muñoz the thing is, it wouldnt be free, where would the money come from? We in uk have the N.H.S for now ,( cause the government here are privatising it.). But its paid for by the peoples money, not the mps money,,, everyone should have… See More . Sharon MrozinskiAmerica needs Universal Health Care. It was past time when President Truman was in office. We need it now! Let’s use American taxpayers money to improve life for all Americans!9 . Linda S. TreftsPlease Bernie Sanders include Mental Health services as well. Many of us seniors have depression and other mental health issues we cannot afford to address. 9  Personalized Name Bull riding tattoo 3d hoodie

Personalized Name Bull riding tattoo 3d hoodie

Walt CherwatyAnd for 70 years and counting the GOP and its greed-driven Me Me Me’s have denied these being achieved . 9 . Lois Athena BuhalisIt’s time for Medicare to REALLY cover them, not stick us with hundreds of dollars of co-pays, cost sharing, and co-insurance! We pay hundreds of dollars a year for Medicare premiums, and can’t afford to use it because of all the co-pays. But if we sto… See More . Top FanMark NicholsThe real problem is that regular employees have never been paid a living wage. They get, for the most part, a “just scrape by” wage that doesn’t allow them to do any real planning for some kind of retirement. And now we’re supposed to believe the line … See More4 . Shanana SingerThank you for the good fight. There’s no reason for the USA not to provide health care, mental health and dental care except for the greed of the very rich and corporations have access to every tax loophole imagineable so they don’t have to pay their … See More1  Personalized Name Bull riding tattoo 3d hoodie

Personalized Name Bull riding tattoo 3d hoodie

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