Personalized mess with unicorn you get the horn tumbler


We know they don’t because all Trump knows is over talking he doesn’t want to talk about issues the people are facing. trump is now a victim of his own covid misinformation. and mask shaming. you reap what you sew. Removing Trump would prob be the best orderly change. Tough darts what tRump wants. If he had played by the rules that he agreed to, they wouldn’t have to change the rules now would they…. Out of the sudden 46 goes on Quarantine go figure. He can abide by new rules or dont come !!. Next debate on Zoom? Use mute switch so Biden can talk. Problem solved!. Cancel the remaining debates. Yes because somehow in Trump’s fairytale universe, he won that “debate”.. So rude and out of control! Who cares if he has the virus! He has no allies!. obviously they need to be separated and Trump needs to be muted when not his turn. He should just be muted period. Personalized mess with unicorn you get the horn tumbler

Personalized mess with unicorn you get the horn tumbler

Personalized mess with unicorn you get the horn tumbler- pic 1

Is anyone really surprised? And my guess is that they were mostly white men.. ANd this is news why? They dominate ALL decision making… And what’s your point?. Annnnd here we go Personalized mess with unicorn you get the horn tumbler always something with the left. Could ya just let one play out before starting a new one? On that note . Why doesn’t he have a mask on?. How many women specialize in this field compared to men? And why does it always have to be men vs women? Most people in jail are men. Do you want to equalize that too?. WORD Today 10/02/20 Ex 23:20-23 Mt 18:1-5, 10 When we were children we learned the beautiful prayer, “Angel of God, my guardian dear.” Today is the Feast of the Guardian Angels. In God’s love, He commits an angel to each of us to guard us from birth … See More. Look at all these people not seeing what the issue is… hmm… that says a lot. This is like saying there are too many cat and rat in the Tom & Jerry cartoon series we need more human representation to feel good about ourselves.. Naturally without considering education only a fraction of women can make good decisions as compared to men, it’s an evolution were women should be up to the task and convince the world what they can offer. and most everything else in the world. Is this a surprise? It is something that is improving and will continue to improve as we push for equal opportunities for women.. If women are in charge we probably be in a better state and never saw a ww1 and 2. So….what’s the big deal…. Does anyone else think Steve Carell would be good to play fauci in the movie.. Maybe there is no qualified woman that have applied for the job…. So, should there be more minorities then, as well? How about just making sure its the best people? Its a Fn pandemic. Personalized mess with unicorn you get the horn tumbler

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