History has shown that the economy is in better shape with a democratic president than a republican Personalized horror movie watching blanket Goldman Sachs! This man is among the cabals that caused the economic meltdown in 2008 and made billions of dollars from the bailout. He cannot be taken serious. He’s destroying this country more and more each day. When is someone going to step inhe’s losing it! “In fact, all else equal, such a blue wave would likely prompt us to upgrade our forecasts,” Goldman Sachs chief economist Jan Hatzius wrote in a Monday report.” Enough said. Pause GIF

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It will take DECADES just to fix the layers of damage caused by Personalized horror movie watching blanket this year! Trump doesn’t have a plan for anything. Seriously, when has he ever provided a detailed plan that can be effectively implemented? Never! Hopefully most citizens have stopped listening to your fear and divisive words and playbook of blaming and intimidation. Its Trump doing it! It’s time to enact the 25th amendment! Trump is showing signs now more than ever that he’s out of his tiny little mind!

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Everything that comes out of trumps mouth is a lie, he can’t tell the truth….come on people, can’t you see this . I am not a republican or democratic, I vote on who I think has our best intrests
Joe Biden, today at Gettysburg, PA, gave what was billed as the hallmark speech of his campaign. It was a great speech, calling for national unity and an end to the divisiveness were faced with today. Neither CNN nor MSNBC–NEITHER–covered it live. Instead, they talked about Trump and his irresponsible handling of his coronavirus infection. How about if the major networks try cutting back on some of the bizarre exhibitionism of Trump’s campaign to cover Joe Biden a little more thoroughly? Anymore, the coverage of Trump can get old and pretty repetitious pretty quick. Biden, on the other hand, provides the viewer with an island of sanity that seems to give some balance to the issues. The networks that failed to cover Biden’s speech live and uncut did a serious disservice to their viewers.

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Makes sense, Obama took America from the brink of disaster when the crash was coming and by the end of his presidency the economy was the best in 49 years, and the last time prior was the Clinton Admin.
I just love how democrats now believe the lying crooked corporate class and the lying crooked media as if they have become the true arbiters of truth, justice and the American way. The insanity of it and the delusions are very disheartening.

So hold up the stimulus process as a bargaining chip to vote Trump and use the American people as hostages. Theres no line this man won’t cross and no amount of shame would embarrasse him. This here is the true definition of scum. As a result of this, many businesses will be force to close, at the very less lay off massive amount of employees, just shameful.
Read his statement and yes bailing out states due to Riots in the streets and not wanting the help!Because it is Trump is the liatards fault not the tax payers! Go to work!!

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