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I’m so sorry for the loss of your sweet Mimi. There is nothing more precious than the unconditional love of our fur babies. They literally take a piece of our hearts with them. Love and prayers as you navigate the lonely days ahead and remember her wit… See More. I am so sorry for your loss. My husband and I just lost our sweet Dixie, after 11 years of being a part of our hearts. I understand, and pray for your pain….it is a ache like no other I have experienced. God bless you . So sorry for your loss of mimi! She was very loved. She will be greatly missed by all. Im not religious, but all my caring thoughts go out to in this time!! For the love of mimi!!! Personalized Custom Text Baseball I Am Strong I Am A Pitcher Poster Pause GIF. So sorry for your loss. She wasn’t only special to you but also to so many of us that watch the show and for to watch her. Thank you for sharing her with us. Love hugs and prayers

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Oh Hilary, I am so sorry abd heartbroken to hear of Mimi’s passing. We all did love her from afar as we love you. She was beautiful and you shared such a special and loving life together. I have been where you are and it is so difficult to get through… See More. Heartfelt condolences to you. Your beloved Mimi is now an angel watching over you and playing in the clouds. It’s never easy. Hugs. It’s so hard to deal with the loss of a beloved pet. Only those that have been blessed to have one know how you are feeling right now. I’m sorry for your loss Hilary. . So sorry to hear this. She was given so much, and has also given you so much. She was a great companion to you. I wish you all the best in coping with this situation. Much love. Sending love and hugs. As a fellow pet owner, that grief you’re experiencing is certainly understood! I hope you find lots of comfort though in knowing how much you enriched Mimi’s life, and that you fulfilled all her needs, especially of companionship… See More Personalized Custom Text Baseball I Am Strong I Am A Pitcher Poster

Personalized Custom Text Baseball I Am Strong I Am A Pitcher Poster

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My heart goes out to you. Mimi still is with you in spirit and in your heart forever. I lost my Ella in April. God knows this is difficult for you. My prayers are with you at this time to get you through your sorrow. This is why I followed you even tho… See More. So sorry for the loss of your companion.Your words express the special bond you and Mimi had together. May God give you comfort and peace to heal your broken heart. Always treasure your memories of her and the joy she has brought into your life. . I am so very sorry for the loss of your sweet mimi..the loss of our fur babies is just as hard if they were human
you are truly in my prayers for strength & comfort. I am so sorry for the loss of Mimi. What a beautiful tribute you did for her. You two had a beautiful bond and gave each other unconditional love throughout her life. She will live on in your memories but will be your guardian angel now. You’ll be toge… See More

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Such a beautiful tribute to Mimi. They truly are our family and leave an enormous void when they leave us. Prayers for peace and comfort as you go through this journey that none of us ever wants to go on. Mimi will forever be in your heart. . What a heartfelt tribute. Our fur babies give us all their love all their lives. Mimi was blessed to have you as you were blessed to have her. May she rest in good doggy peace.. What a beautiful tribute. I’m so very sorry for your loss. You were both so blessed to be able to bring peace and happiness to one another’s lives. May she Rest In Peace, and you take solace and comfort in knowing that she passed knowing how very lived… See More. I’m so very sorry! My heart breaks for you. And yes, unfortunately some of us know exactly what you’re going through. She will be forever in your heart. Much love and prayers to you Hillary.

Your devotion and unbridled love for Mimi shows in every tender word. Thank you for sharing this heartfelt tribute to a life well-lived and loved. . I’m so truly sorry for your heartbreak

Mimi is a precious little jewel. How precious was your little fur baby. They give us such unconditional love that we could only wish lasted our life time. Sweet photos. Sorry for your loss. May her memories bring you comfort. . A beautiful tribute to Mimi. She will forever live in your heart. I can relate as I have lost many beloved dogs and we actually have a wall of photos of them all which makes me smile everyday. Take one day at a time . So very sorry the loss of a pet is unbearable we know I’ve found some comfort in all the fun & love our little Otto brought to our family he was the best buddy ever will always be with us in our hearts

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